Low Carbon Fuel Standard Computation Modeling Softwares

This page last reviewed December 11, 2015

This page provides information regarding computation modeling softwares used in the Low Carbon Fuel Standard. 

Archive of previous versions of the above models

             1) Life Cycle Analysis (without Land Use Change Estimate)  
             2) Land Use Change Assessment
    • February 2010: GTAP-SOY: Updated GTAP model customized for Midwest soybeans zip and supporting document pdf
    • December 2009: GTAP-SOY: GTAP model customized for Midwest soybeans zip and supporting document pdf
    • February 2009: GTAP model and modeling files: Corn Ethanol zip and Sugarcane Ethanol zip
    • February 2009: Biofuel Time excel - Integrated Model of Emission (BTIME) version 1.1 (by UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and Union of Concerned Scientists) - Modified by California Air Resources Board (used in the indirect LUC calculation of the LCFS Staff Report)
    • February 2009: Emission Factor Tables excel (GTAP, Woods Hole)
    • July 2008: GTAP Model version 6 from Purdue University, used to estimate the Land Use Change effect in biofuels for the LCFS Regulatory Process:
    • October 2008: RunGTAP version used for the corn ethanol analysis by ARB, UC Berkeley, and Purdue University:
      • It will require user to log in and verify that you have a version 6 data base.
      • Individuals wishing to access must login separately.
      • Useful reference papers pdf for any written work using this model
    • June 30, 2008: Release of Draft of Land Use Change Calculation for Bio-fuels Production by University of California of Berkeley (GTAP model excel)

3) June 2007: A preliminary version of the VISION-CA model has been posted online. This model was used to construct the scenarios presented in Part I of the UC LCFS study. Please visit the UC Davis - Institute of Transportation Studies website for more information.