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LCFS Sustainability Workgroup References

This page last reviewed May 8, 2013


This page provides the public and stakeholders an opportunity to contribute reference materials for discussion related to the development of LCFS sustainability provisions. Materials posted do not necessarily reflect the views of the Air Resources Board. If you have a reference to add to this list, please send it to along with a 2-3 sentence description of the document.

  • Agriculture at a Crossroads: Energy Biomass Standards and a New Sustainability Paradigm by Jody M. Endres and Timothy A. Slating (PDF-1170k)
  • The Bioenergy and Water Nexus - UNEP, Oko-Institut e.V., and IEA Bionergy (PDF-1183k)
  • Biofuel Group Certification - UNEP (PDF - 962k)
  • Update: Initiatives in the Field of Biomass and Bioenergy Certification by J. van Dam (PDF - 1813k)
  • WHO Recommended Classification of Pesticides by Hazard (PDF - 2184k)
  • A Review of Environmental Issues in the Context of Biofuel Sustainability Frameworks - CIFOR (PDF - 1690k)
  • European Commission Report on Operation of Mass Balance Verfication (PDF - 20k
  • European Commission Annex to Impact Assessment (PDF 1018k
  • Global Bioenergy Partnership Sustainability Indicators for Bioenergy (PDF - 3364k) 
  • LCFS Performance-Based Standard - Sonia Yeh (PDF - 167k)  
  • LCFS Sustainability COC - Sonia Yeh (PDF - 420k
  • New Forest Planning Rule and Access to Woody Biomass - Michael Theroux (PDF - 93k
  • 30 CFR Part 219 National Forest System Land Management Planning: Proposed Rule (PDF - 366k
  • The Sustainability Impacts of Fuel -  BSR (PDF - 1610k)    
  • Legitimacy, Innovation and Harmonization: Precursors to Operationalizing Biofuels Sustainability Standards by Jody Endres (PDF 1420 k)    
  • Pathways to Sustainability: An Evaluation of Forestry Programs to Meet European Biomass Supply Chain Requirements - Environmental Defense Fund/Pinchot Institute (PDF 2850k)   
  • The North American Long-Term Soil Productivity Experiment: Findings from the First Decade of Research - Powers et al (PDF 464k)  
  • Forest Biomass Retention and Harvesting Guidelines for the Northeast - Forest Guild Biomass Working Group (PDF 1130kb)  
  •  California Climate Action Reserve
    1. Forest Project Protocol 3.2 (PDF - 1113k)
    2. White Papers March 2011
      1. Accounting for Carbon in Forest Soils (PDF - 488k)
      2. Carbon Accounting and Lying Dead Wood (PDF - 2348k)
      3. Carbon Dynamics with Even-Aged Management (PDF - 2190k)
      4. Sustainable Forest Management Certification (PDF - 1498k)
  • Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB)
    1. Version 2.0
      1. Principles and Criteria (PDF - 315k)
      2. Indicators (PDF - 976k)
      3. Definitions (PDF - 296k)
      4. Fossil Fuel GHG Calculation Methodology (PDF - 680k)
      5. GHG Calculation Methodology (PDF - 1980k)
    2. Version 2.0 Guidelines
      1. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (PDF - 505k)
      2. Environmental and Social Management Plan (PDF - 388k)
      3. Rapid Environmental and Social Appraisal (PDF - 123k)
      4. Screening Tool (PDF - 286k)
      5. Impact Assessment (PDF - 708k)
      6. Water Assessment (PDF - 1001k)
      7. Social Impact Assessment (PDF - 187k)
      8. Land Rights (PDF - 618k)
      9. Soil Impact Assessment (PDF - 192k)
      10. Food Security (PDF - 883k)
      11. Conservation Impact Assessment (PDF - 413k)
    3. Policy for Certification of Biofuels Based on End-of-Life-Products and Wastewater (PDF -  559k)  
  • Renewable Transportation Fuel Obligation (RTFO)
    1. Post-RED Carbon and Sustainability Guidance Part One - Process (PDF 726k)  
    2. Post-RED Carbon and Sustainability Guidance Part Two - Guidance (PDF 761k)  
    3. Version 4.2
      1. Carbon and Sustainability Technical Guidance Part One (PDF - 997k)
      2. Carbon and Sustainability Technical Guidance Part Two (PDF - 621k)
  • International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) 
    1. ISCC EU RED 
      1. System Basics (PDF - 866k
      2. Sustainability Requirements (PDF - 623k
      3. Checklist (PDF - 124k)
      4. Requirements for Traceability (PDF - 369k)
      5. Mass Balance (PDF - 235k)
      6. GHG Calculation (PDF - 906k)
      7. Risk Management (PDF - 234k)
      8. Group Certification (PDF - 117k)
    2. Self-Assessment Self Declaration Farmer (PDF - 84k
    3. Self-Assessment Self Declaration Non-EU Farmer (PDF 90k
    4. Self Declaration on Wastes or Residues (PDF 48k)    
    5. Draft Waste and Residue Certification (PDF 129k)
  • Council on Sustainable Biomass Production (CSBP) (PDF - 498k)  
  • CSBP Final Natural Resources Conservation Service Report (PDF - 12M)
  • Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) (PDF - 282k)
  • Better Sugarcane Initiative (BSI) (PDF-1089k))
  • Roundtable on Responsible Soy (RTRS) (PDF - 325k)
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) (PDF - 3430k)
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) 
    1. FSC-US Forest Management Standard (v1.0) (w/o FF Indicators)  (PDF - 979k)  
    2. Pacific Coast Forest Interpretation (PDF - 98k)