ARB Executive Orders

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This webpage lists all ARB Executive Orders by category. Most are available for viewing via the Internet; while some are currently available only in hard copy. To obtain a hard copy of an executive order, you must provide the Executive Order number. Please contact Office of Legal Affairs (916) 322-2884 for all hard copies.

Executive Orders, Listed by Category

Number Series Topic Technical Contact
A New Cars, Light/Medium/Heavy-Duty Vehicles Duc Nguyen
B Conversion of Vehicles to Gaseous Fuels (Alternative Fuel Retrofit Systems) Help Line
C Experimental Permits for Vehicle Emission Controls Help Line
C-U Small Off-Road Engines - Evaporative Components (see also series "G-05" and "Q") Don Ridgley
D AftermarketPart Exemptions (except Catalytic Converters) Help Line
D Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Exemptions Help Line
DE Verification of Diesel Emission Control Strategies Shawn Daley
DG Distributed Generation Certified Technologies Dave Mehl
E Inactive - Engines Used in Enclosed Structures Gloria Ambriz
F Certification of Auxiliary Gasoline Fuel Tanks Help Line
G-General General
G Abrasives Certified for Permissible Dry Outdoor Blasting Kathryn Gugeler
G-05 Small Off-Road Engines - Evaporative Components (see also series "C-U" and "Q") Don Ridgley
G-07 thru 10 Portable Fuel Containers (PFCs) Certified For Use In California Angus MacPherson
G-08 thru 09 Offroad Large Spark Ignition Equipment Mark Williams
G-10 Certification of Small Containers of Automotive Refrigerants Van Tsan
G-070 Vapor Recovery George Lew
G-094-010 Inactive - Consumer Products General
G-096 Equipment Precertification Program Mike Waugh
G-096-014 Dry Cleaning Sonia Villalobos
G-096-051 Inactive - Approval of the In-use Compliance Testing (SB-199) Requirements Mike O'Connor
G-097-007 District Repeal of State No-Net-Increase Requirements (AB-3319) Liz Ota
G-125 State Implementation Plan (SIP) (See also Series "S") Dave Brown
G-696 Gasoline Containing Additives Linda Lee
G-712 Innovative Consumer Products N/A
G-714 Certified Alternative Diesel Formulations Renee Littaua
G-714 Diesel Fuels Aromatics Hydrocarbons Steve Brisby
G-719 Gasoline Test Method Equivalency Determination Judson Cohan
G-785 Consumer Products Variance N/A
G-786 & J-0X Consumer Products Charcoal Lighter Material Jasmine Nguyen
G-790 Alternative Control Plan Janette Brooks
G-855 Inactive - Diesel Fuel Variance (Section 2282) Steve Brisby
G-856 Variance for Reformulated Gasoline Standards Mike Waugh
G-857 Inactive - Small Refiner 1 Year Suspension Steve Brisby
G-858 Small Refiner (Exemptions for Diesel Aromataics) Mike Waugh
G-864 Inactive - Independent Refiner or CARFG Standards Steve Brisby
H GHG Mandatory Reporting Verification Renee Lawver
H2 GHG Offsets Verification Greg Mayeur
I Independent Contractors Program Kathryn Gugeler
J Inactive - Conditional Approval of Air Pollution Control Subvention Application Gloria Ambriz
K Aftermarket Critical Emission Control Parts for Highway Motorcycles. Help Line
K Inactive - Certification of Abrasives for Dry Unconfirmed Abrasive Blasting (see link) Kathryn Gugeler
L Inactive - Open Burning of Non-Industrial Wood Waste at a Designated Site Kathryn Gugeler
M New Street-Use Motorcycles Duc Nguyen
N Composite Wood Products - NAF-ULEF Manufacturers Angela Csondes
N-yyyy-100 New On-Road Heavy-Duty Exempt Engines Kimberly Pryor
O Inactive - Exemptions Under Section 21282, Subsection F, Title 13 Gloria Ambriz
P New Federal AB965 Cars & Light-Duty Trucks Duc Nguyen
Q Small Off-Road Engines - Evaporative Components (see also series "C-U" and "G-05") Don Ridgley
R Rulemaking Activity Trini Balcazar
S State Implementation Plan (see also series "G-125") Ravi Ramalingam
T Inactive - Licensed Direct - Import Vehicle Emission Laboratories Duc Nguyen
U-G Electric Golf Carts Duc Nguyen
U-L New Off-Road Large Spark-Ignition Engines Kumar Muthukumar
U-M New Emission-Compliant ("Green Sticker") Off-Road Motorcycles & All-Terrain Vehicles Duc Nguyen
U-N New Emission-Non-Compliant ("Red Sticker") Off-Road Motorcycles & All-Terrain Vehicles Duc Nguyen
U-R New Off-Road Compression - Ignition Engines Kimberly Pryor
U-S Inactive - Utility Specialty Gloria Ambriz
U-U New Small Off-Road Spark - Ignition Engines Kumar Muthukumar
U-W New Spark - Ignition Marine Engines Kumar Muthukumar
V Inactive - ARB & DFA: Emergency Measures for Rice Burning Related to 1995 Flood Pingkuan Di
VR Vapor Recovery George Lew
W Composite Wood Products - Third Party Certifiers Lynn Baker
Z Zero Emission Vehicles - Advanced Demo. (Z-AD) and Transportation Systems (Z-TS) Krista Eley

Finally, please note that if the Executive Order or its attachments contain confidential information, we will not be able to provide the entire Executive Order.

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