History of the California Air Resources Board

This page last reviewed August 17, 2018

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Clearing California Skies for 50 years

AUGUST 30, 1967. More than 50 years ago, a broad coalition of California leaders united with a common goal, to take action on one of the most significant health issues ever to confront our state. The extreme levels of air pollution that clouded our skies and threatened the health of our citizens, had reached a crisis point.

The solution brought to Governor Ronald Reagan for approval proved to be successful in reducing the worst of the air pollution that plagued our state. The newly established California Air Resources Board took an entirely new approach to solving widespread environmental problems. It was rooted in science, but given the political authority to work with all stakeholders and adopt the most effective course of action to reduce this threat to public health.

Today, we can celebrate not only California's accomplishments in clearing the air, but similar results around the world that are based on our model. Sound science in service to public health, innovative solutions that serve both the environment and the economy, and above all, actions that achieve results.