ARB Southern California Consolidation Project

This page last reviewed June 12, 2017

The Air Resources Board (ARB/Board) is proposing to consolidate and relocate ARB?s existing motor vehicle and engine emissions testing and research facilities. These facilities are located in Southern California.

The existing ARB facilities, which include the current Haagen-Smit Laboratory, no longer meet ARB?s programmatic requirements. They also do not allow ARB the space necessary to perform the testing required to meet current air quality and climate change mandates. The existing state owned property that ARB uses for vehicle emissions testing is too small to accommodate the construction of the requested replacement facility. Therefore, ARB is proposing to relocate and build a new replacement facility using the design-build procurement method. It is estimated the project will take four and a half years to design and build.

In Fiscal Year 2015-16, ARB received $6.4 million to assess the suitability of a proposed site ($0.2 million), develop performance criteria and conduct required environmental reviews ($5.7 million), and assess the feasibility of achieving zero net energy for the project ($0.5 million). Background on the budget process is provided below.

For the proposed Governor's Budget for Fiscal Year 2017-18, ARB has submitted a FY 2017-18 Capital Outlay Budget Change Proposal (COBCP) and is requesting $413.1 million to fund the design-build construction phase ($304.6 million) and equipment ($108.5 million). The total project cost is estimated to be $419.5 million. The COBCP, associated supporting documents (Harley Ellis Devereaux Program Summary and Clarke Cost Estimate), and a conceptual site plan are provided below.

This website provides information relevant to project development.


In cooperation with ARB, the Department of General Services, (DGS) contracted with Harley Ellis Devereaux (HED) to serve as the Master Architect for the project. HED is currently working with DGS and ARB to prepare the performance criteria for the project. The performance criteria will be used to support the budget request for the balance of funding for the project and as a basis for the selection of a Design-Build Team.

Environmental Analysis

In cooperation with ARB, DGS contracted with Dudek to assist with the environmental review activities required by the California Environmental Quality Act. Additional information on CEQA activities related to the Southern California Consolidation Project can be found at the following Dudek website:

On June 6, 2017, ARBís Executive Officer certified the projectís Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Southern California Consolidation Project (SCCP); the Notice of Determination was subsequently filed with the Office of Planning and Research. The following documents are available to the public:

Site Acquisition Process

After public meetings held on March 17, 2016, and March 24, 2016, the Board recommended a site in Riverside near the University of California, Riverside. The site is approximately 18.8 acres and is located near the intersection of University and Iowa Avenue, about ĺ mile from the University of California, Riverside (UCR). The site is referred to as the Iowa Avenue site. UCR is the current owner of the site but has committed to transfer the property to ARB at no charge to the State. The site recommendation was submitted to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee in May 2016 for a 30-day review period. The JLBC did not provide any comments. On November 14, the State Public Works Board approved the transfer. DGS will complete the site acquisition process.

Transcripts of the public meetings and other related documents are located under Board Meeting documents from the ARB Homepage. The public meeting notice and staff report are linked below, along with other documents supporting the site selection process.

The Department of General Services issued contracts to support the site evaluations. The reports are:
  • Avocet - Phase 1 Site Environmental Assessments
    • Pomona #1 - Pomona Boulevard Site: Phase I & Limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment - Former Spadra Ranch/Innovation Village II, Pomona, California, dated February 4, 2016
    • Riverside #1 - Technology Court Site: Phase I & Limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment - 1498 Research Park Drive, Riverside, California, dated February 4, 2016
    • Riverside #2 - Iowa Avenue Site: Phase I & Limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment - Iowas Avenue Agricultural Property, Riverside, California, dated February 4, 2016
  • GEOCON - Geotechnical Evaluation
    • Pomona #1 - Pomona Boulevard Site: Report of Geotechnical Evaluation, dated January 29, 2016
    • Riverside #2 - Iowa Avenue Site: Report of Geotechnical Evaluation, dated January 29, 2016
  • Owen Group - LEED and ZNE Site Analysis
    • Site Analysis - LEED and ZNE Attributes, dated January 31, 2016

Pursuant to Fiscal Year 2015-2016 supplemental budget language, both Pomona and Riverside representatives were provided the opportunity to make formal presentations on the benefits of locating the proposed new facility in their regions. These presentations are presented below.

  • Cal Poly Pomona's Formal Presentation to ARB staff on October 30, 2015
  • Once the Fiscal Year 2015-2016 budget was approved, ARB, in cooperation with DGS, evaluated sites in Pomona and Riverside. The following documents supported this effort:

    Fiscal Year 2015 - 2016 Budget Process

    Planning for this consolidation began in 2006 with an initial study of the needs, size, and requirements of a new facility. This study was expanded and updated in 2014 to include a broad range of changes and new regulatory and other workload requirements, including the added mission to develop and implement climate change mitigation strategies.

    As part of the fiscal year budget process, ARB submitted a budget proposal to evaluate sites and develop design guidelines and performance criteria. The following documents were developed to support this effort.

    Fiscal Year 2017 - 2018 Budget Process

    Questions on the new facility may be addressed to Stanley Young, ARB's Director of Communications at (916) 322-2990, or at:

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