About Internet Fraud and Spoofing - Spot a Spoof

This page reviewed August 28, 2008

See information and samples of spoof e-mails.

Although there's no foolproof way to spot a spoof e-mail or web site, these signs should arouse your suspicion:

URL Spoofing (or Cloaking)

URL Spoofing disguises the true location of a web page link--for example: you think you're going to your bank's site using a link in a fraudulent e-mail, when the link actually takes you to a scammer's spoofed website.

In an email or a web page, a simple technique for URL Spoofing uses standard HTML code. The text of the link can show pretty much anything, disguising the true destination of the link.


  • hold your mouse over bogus link below that appears to go to the ARB website.


  • Notice the URL on your browser status bar is different than the linked words.

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