Links to Other Air Quality and Environmental Websites
California Dept. of Education--Office of Environmental Education: Environmental education curriculum, etc.
U.S. EPA's environmental education home page
U.S. EPA's air quality education home page. Entry page for teachers, students, and kids.
U.S. EPA's global warming education home page. It provides links to kids sites, climate animations, and links for teachers.
Interactive site that gives specific information about pollution in your local community.
U.S. EPA "Plain English Guide to the Clean Air Act"--Broad coverage of air quality issues

At this interactive website, students discover how air pollution emissions, population, and weather affect the air they breathe. Planet Polluto website. Students (and teachers) can play games and meet the Planet Pollutonians. Get a FREE Save Planet Polluto CD-ROM at this website. It's an educational, interactive adventure that teaches the causes of air pollution and how to improve air quality.
Local air districts in California--links to websites and addresses
Information about how limiting the idling of school buses and other vehicles at or near schools can reduce your exposure to toxic air contaminants.
Earth Day Canada's website offers educational information about the environment, including interactive games and a storybook.
Minnesota's Office of Environmental Assistance website provides information about Minnesota's "no idling" law and provides downloadable resources for schools.
Air Info Now is the environmental education site for Pima County, Arizone. It provides teachers with information on activities for students and background information on air pollution and its causes.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's informative website about air pollution. It provides helpful and detailed information about the health effects of various types of air pollution, tips on classroom activities, and updates about their own research on air pollution.
ThinkEarth is a nonprofit organization located in Southern California that aims to clean the environment through outreach and education programs. Their website offers a variety of resources for teachers, including curriculum and information about local community projects.
An activity guide for middle school students that teaches kids about the importance of reducing emissions from cars. Created by the Department of Energy, this guide provides lessons on global warming and how hydrogen fuel cell cars can help with this problem.

Health Effects of Air Pollution

US EPA's Diesel Exhaust site provides information on the health effects of pollution from diesel engines, including a special focus on school buses.
Environment and Human Health Inc. site on effects of diesel exhaust on children. 

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences website provides information on the effects of air pollution on human health.

Indoor Air Quality
U.S. EPA Indoor Air Quality Home Page

Climate Change--Global Warming
U.S. EPA's Global Warming Kid's Site

Ozone Depletion (Ozone Hole)
US EPA's Ozone Depletion website
University of Cambridge "The Ozone Hole Tour"

Clean Energy
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
California Energy Commission