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Comment 4 for AB 179 Joint CARB and CTC Meetings (ab179) - Non-Reg.

First Name: Bryn
Last Name: Lindblad
Email Address:
Affiliation: Climate Resolve

Subject: Greater Mobility, Equity and Sustainability Through a Reduced VMT Approach
Please find via the attached zip file: a cover letter with the
subject line 'Greater Mobility, Equity and Sustainability Through a
Reduced VMT Approach | Paradigm Framing Document & Transportation
Spending Fact Sheet Attached' (file name: 'Cover letter to VMT
framing doc & transpo funding factsheet.pdf'); and three
enclosures: (1) a framing document (file name: 'More Choices Less
Traffic.pdf'); (2) its executive summary (file name: 'Executive
Summary- More Choices Less Traffic.pdf); and (3) a fact sheet (file
name: CA's Climate Goals & Transportation Spending.pdf').

Via those documents, we share our priority issues that we would
like the California Transportation Commission and California Air
Resources Board to jointly address, as well as some resources to
support that effort, and some recommendations regarding the process
that we would like that effort to follow.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of our input, and we
look forward to working with you in partnership.


Original File Name: Climate Resolve

Date and Time Comment Was Submitted: 2018-06-22 14:54:38

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