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Comment 17 for Proposed Amendments to the ATCM for Chromium Electroplating and Chromic Acid Anodizing Operations (chromeatcm2023) - 45 Day.

First NameEric
Last NameSvenson, Jr
AffiliationPlating Resources, Inc.
SubjectHexavalent Chrome

Hexavelent chrome platers produce approximately 1% of the hexavalent chrome emissions in the State of California. How does the air quality improve by closing these facilities? CARB should by focusing on restricting the sources that make up the other 99% of hexavalent chrome emissions to improve California's air quality.

There is no suitable replacement for hexavalent chrome. The market rejects trivalent "decorative" chrome; and no process comes close to the funcitionality and benefits of hard chrome, which is a requirement for specifications such as Boeing BAC5709, MIL-STD-150F and many others. A ban on hexavalent chrome would negatively impact the defense and aerospace industry in California.

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Original File NameHexavalent Chrome.pdf
Date and Time Comment Was Submitted 2022-12-19 07:38:08

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