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Comment 28 for Proposed Amendments to the ATCM for Chromium Electroplating and Chromic Acid Anodizing Operations (chromeatcm2023) - 45 Day.

First NameJIM
Last NameMEYER
SubjectAtmospheric Rivers and Hex Chrome
We are currently experiencing an "atmospheric river" event (as the
press likes to call it) that is predicted to result in downed trees
and power lines, flooding, and mudslides throughout the state. I
don't know if that prediction will hold, as weather can be
unpredictable, but I do know this...

The hydraulic actuation mechanisms on the bulldozers, earthmovers,
and backhoes that will clear the roads, restore your power, repair
the dams, and reinforce the hillsides are MANUFACTURED AND REPAIRED
with HEXAVALENT CHROME by hard chrome platers. Your decision will
have consequences. Please don't be naive about what protects you,
your property, and the citizens of California and allows the
taxpayers to pay your salaries.

Original File Name
Date and Time Comment Was Submitted 2023-01-05 06:47:36

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