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Comment 69 for Proposed Amendments to the ATCM for Chromium Electroplating and Chromic Acid Anodizing Operations (chromeatcm2023) - 45 Day.

First NameJim
Last NameMeyer
SubjectRestriction of Permits
My public comments about "ban"s should also be read in the context
that any restriction of new and/or changes to permits is equivalent
to a "ban".

Changes to hex chrome plating processes made by authorities in the
context of FAA approved repairs (e.g...DER, CMM, OHM, AMS, SOPM,
etc..) which require the establishment of new tanks, or changes to
existing tank chemistries, temperatures, and methods should not be
dis-allowed by CARB when the facility has the appropriate controls
in place or agrees to put them in place concurrent with the new or
changed process. This is an Air Safety issue under the purview of
the US Department of Transportation.

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Date and Time Comment Was Submitted 2023-01-17 15:24:08

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