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Comment 80 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameKaren
Last NameLorre
AffiliationBelief Relief!
SubjectClimate healing in many forms

Hi, I am so glad you exist! Thank you for your service. Yes! Lets halt this climate change and get climate solutions. 

First, let's stop getting crude oil from any rainforests. That is Uncalifornia! It harms the lungs and the people who live there - many of whom are indigenous.  Indigenous people take better care of the land than any oil company. The rate of deformities and cancers in the amazonian tribes has gone up since Chevron left their sludge there decades ago and it continues today.  Chevron and other oil companies still dont clean up their messes. There are leaking oil operations in Bakersfield, that were just left there. These are the responsibility of the oil companies and they need to be inspired to do it now.  They need some incentive to care for the earth. We should also stop subsidizing oil companies. That's crazy. 

Kelp is a big sequester of carbon. CA has lost 94% of its Kelp. Kelp also sequesters heavy metals. MBET is one company that is trying to replant kelp in the most natural way possible and then harvest it, sequester out the heavy metals and use the remainder as biofuel. They are doing it currently in Baja but the bureaucracy in CA has kept them running in circles trying to plant it here. This is paramount for CA and the world since it increases O2, decreases C02 and cleans the CA ocean of heavy metals. Dr. Eric Lewis runs it. I interviewed him for my show, Stories We Love. His episode comes out next week. 

Conventional farming is one of the biggest polluters and destroyers of the climate and more.  Synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, mono-crops, GMOs, Antibiotics, Hormones and things growing out of season kill the soil.  Almost all the food we eat comes from healthy soil. That bridge that went down on HWY 1 in Northern California had to do with depleted soil. 

Again, almost all the nutrients in our food comes from healthy soil. Healthy soil sequesters carbon. Native grasses ameliorate 100 x more methane than a ruminant can make. So organic, regenerative, biodiverse farms that have a ground cover of native grasses, can help with methane, carbon, and healthier food for all. Plus healthier animals. Healthy soil also sequesters water that can be used for months after rain, reducing droughts. Healthy soil also makes fires less likely, you don't lose topsoil as much, and you have a less chance of flooding since the soil can take in the water. Let's subsidize organic biodiverse regenerative farms instead of things that harm the earth. Let's inspire conventional farmers to go organic, regenerative and biodiverse. 

And if we plant more trees within those organic regenerative farms, and elsewhere, in healthy soil,  we can also create more rain. Many trees create rain. But they also need to be in healthy soil and biodiverse.  So this one is key. 

The biggest cause of methane is fracking. That must be stopped in CA and worldwide. 

All school and city buses should be solar or other green energy. Yay for Kamala inspiring that. 

Urban ecology is also important. Another person I interviewed named Ken Leinbach has created urban ecology in cities.  It reduces crime, creates pride in the residents, creates diverse cultures, biodiversity, heals the area, and brings back pollinators and other endangered creatures plus makes the whole community more open to each other. Its beautiful. Here is the link for Ken's episode so you can see what I am talking about:

Let's invite homeless people to be paid to pick up trash. 

And Philip Watts has ideas on how to make entire cities run on solar power. CA is so sunny, that seems like a no-brainer! Again, bureaucracy is stopping him from doing this all over the state. He's doing in in Lancaster now.

I have so many other ideas. 

Thank you for listening.  I love our planet and CA. Let's be world leaders in Climate Solutions. Think how you would all be heros to the world!!!!!!! 

I appreciate you all. Thank you! 

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