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Comment 102 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - .

First NameKatrina
Last NameOlson
Subjectdraft 2022 climate change scoping plan


I am afraid of what climate change is bringing to our world and to my grandchildren. Every day has a new story about water shortages, drought, record heat, wildfire, weather disasters. Individual conservation efforts are useless in the face of the enormity of our problem- it requires inovation and legislation. 

Change is painful and it is inevitable, but we can choose which kind of change we want. On the one hand we have the looming consequences of climate change (livability, safety, economy, the future of our children!)  On the other the changes that we all need to make to our lifestyles and way of life that are required to fight against climate change (and the disapproval from voters and businesses who can not accept these changes.)

There is no time to hesitate, no time to convince the reluctant or uneducated about the consequences of delay.

We need to: 

  • Incentivize new technology and research.
  • Eliminate the use of all fossil fuels (including methane and green hydrogen), - in all of our new vehicles with incentives to eliminate older vehicles by 2045, all new appliances by 2045, and other equipment.  
  • Invest in proven sustainable energy sources as new technology becomes available- solar, wind, nuclear. Support community and rooftop solar.
  • Prohibit more oil drilling infrastructure- cap all orphan wells
  • Preserve carbon sinks and support regenerative agriculture
  • Carbon Capture is hopeless and a waste of resources- don’t go there.

It may be expensive and controversial initially- but people can change, and our economy can evolve.Let’s be Carbon neutral by 2035. Please make a plan with vision and courage. We will all need it. Let California lead the way.


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