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Comment 132 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameMichael
Last NameDiPiero
Subject2022 climate change scoping plan

Truely I wish I knew what the solution;if indeed a solution was possibe, woulds be. when I was younger, the working theory was a new Ice Age was coming. that lead to cloud seeding and other government action on the then percieved climate change.  now we are racing to change thgings beyond our control. things like the "Cap and Trade program" are onlyn ways for organizations to increaase thier capitol resources.  Californias electrical grids are already maxed and you want to go to all Electric kitchens and vehicles as if this will stabilize an already shakey situation. I am in favor of cleaner burning vehicles, of hybrid technology. but I am not in favor of creating a lerger enviromental issue with what it would take to build these vehicles. the facts are in and even if you choose not to see them there are several naturally occuring enviromental issues that are the larger contributor to global warming than anything man can do. yes we shoukld do what we can that acually makes sense and is not progressed forward from a standpoint of fear. NASA tells us that every palnet in our solar system is getting hotter, but you choose to overlook that. we know the core of thwe earth is heating up causing polar ice melt from the bottom of the ocvens up. certainly whatever manis doing on the surface of the plkanet cannot effect the core. Valcanic activity has been on the rise, heating the atomosphere with heated gasses. the Magnetic north has been on the move for some time now and is a massavie contributor to climate change. Choosing to cherry pick the information you want, in order to instill more fear in-order to get more money, which is the real motivation; is just plain wrong. someone needs to look at the real cost and cause of climate change, then with an eye to the future, carefully evaluate the effects of whatever changes are conssidered and only then begin to move forward. Government historically reacts to whateever is happening at the moment, makes some kind if demand on change without ever considering what the cost and consequences are of said action.  What are the cost and consequences of Lithium mining? on land? in the oceans.  It is more than time to stop drinking the Koolaide, consider all the data, not just what you agree with and come up with a real plan. one that makes sense.

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