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Comment 18 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameDawn
Last NameDurfee

Dear Sirs:

I think you must be insane or perhaps you don't live in California, this "plan" is the most misguided attempt to make yourselves relevant that I have ever seen.  This is so cart before the horse, let's review the facts:

- The state of CA does not have safe or reliable power.  How do I know?  Because PG&E burned down my home and town of Paradise while CA did NOTHING to follow or regulate their criminal behavior even while they were on probation.  Result:  every time the wind blows during fire days, CITIES IN FIRE-PRONE AREAS HAVE NO POWER FOR WEEKS OUT OF EVERY MONTH FROM MAY TO OCTOBER.  So when the next fire comes once we have no gas-powered cars, how do you expect people to evacuate in electric cars that have not been charged??  Bicycles???  Oh wait, that's right - hundreds of thousands of people WILL USE GAS POWERED GENERATORS TO CHARGE THEIR ELECTRIC CARS.  And no way can PG&E go underground with their utilities in time to meet your timeline.  Even if town power is underground, the giant towers spanning state will not be.

- The state of CA does not have enough power to run the state WITHOUT conversion to all electric cars.  Every year since the fire, I get nasty letters from the murderers of my life (PGE) that I am using too much power for the size of my house.  I work from home and live in Chico, where temps range between 95 and 110 from May through October.  I set my thermostat at 79 degrees and the AC runs only from 1pm to 9pm, my house is 2800sf so I am not abusing the power grid.  I will NOT work in sweatshop temperatures so some Prius in San Francisco can commute to work 40 miles.  I am the one saving the environment by completely getting rid of my commute in my gas-powered car.  People DO need to run refrigerators, washers, dryers, air conditioners or heaters...  people DO NOT need to drive electric cars.

- Electric Cars still negatively affect the environment.  I think people in the city believe that electricity is delivered nightly to their homes via the electricity fairy.  Energy consumption for electric cars is not passive!!  We have an entire state that depends upon hydroelectric power and plants that dam waterways that negatively affect our wildlife in Northern CA.  Our poor fish and birds struggle to migrate.  Converting the entire state will only increase this damage and our massive human footprint in our forests.  Also, what about electric car parts and the lack of ability to recycle??

- Electricity is more expensive than gas.  In Chico because of the heat, my power bill in the summer ranges between $900 and $1200 per month and this was BEFORE PG&E's rate increase (winter bill is no less than $350 per month and we don't run the furnace more than a dozen times per year).  Two electric cars in my household would be more expensive than my mortgage.  My gas car can sit for months with no consumption but is ready to drive when needed.  An electric car would need constant charging and consumption of electricity even when I don't drive anywhere for weeks.  How on earth would people on a limited income function??  This bill clearly discriminates against poor families.

- Charging an electric car takes a long time and many stations will be needed.  Have you thought about the massive amounts of charging stations you would need to accommodate an entire state of electric cars?  As a family that camps and needs a vehicle that will pull 5000lbs, how will you have the amount of charging stations on every road in CA to make sure people have access to "fuel" when they need it?  How about in Burney?  Quincy?  Mount Lassen? Weaverville?  Doris?  With the hours it takes to "top off" an electric vehicle, how are you going to handle the insane lines?  Remember the gas crisis in the 70's??  That would be the best case scenario for what would ensue if your plan rolls out.  By the way, do you think these stations are good for the environment??  So in your world, if we want to spend our summer traveling to Yellowstone or the Black Hills, what do we do when we get to another state whose roads don't have chargers?  This plan would make CA a big, giant jail.

- You will kill tourism.  How many tourists from other states will drive to CA to visit our beautiful monuments?  How are you going to keep them out of the state with their gas vehicles?  After COVID, we have had enough stress on our businesses that depend upon tourists.

- You will kill people.  I have been caught twice in the Grapevine due to snow-related accidents, and once we were not able to pull off the road.  If electric cars lose charge more quickly in cold temps, how are people to keep warm in emergency situations when they cannot run their engines?  This is not a maybe, this is a certainty as this occurs every year.

- CA is not the ruler of the universe!  Let's be honest, NOTHING will help world air quality until China, Russia, etc. stop their polution.  We may be a world economic power, but we are a tiny geographic footprint.  Last time I checked, CA in no way can offset the pollution of these superpowers.

If you want people to stop driving, BUILD MASS TRANSPORT THAT APPEALS TO PEOPLE!!!  Make it easy to travel between Sac and SF, SF to Redding, put Bart down 280 to San Jose and back up east Bay.  Fund Elon Musk's train not just from SF to LA but all over CA.  Put a bullet train right down Highway 5 from Doris to the Mexican border.  MAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION COOL.  With the amount of money you will spend on charging stations, you could build the most amazing public transportation in the world and let people ride for free.  That is how you get people out of their gas powered cars, which are needed for vacations and for emergency situations.  Electric cars just trade one type of ecological damage for another.  And we all know why you are doing it!  It has not escaped anyone's attention how much sales tax you will collect if everyone needs to buy a new car.  Shame on all of you.


Dawn Durfee


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