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Comment 152 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameJeffrey
Last NameBeeman
SubjectGreenhouse gas propellants in consumer products

Dear CARB,


It is my understanding that on June 23, 2022, CARB will be holding a public meeting to solicit comments on its upcoming 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan.  While I cannot attend this meeting, I would ask the board to please consider changing the regulations regarding consumer product propellants.  Currently CARB requires that propellants used in consumer products meet specific low VOC criteria.  While this is a worthy regulation for limiting smog, etc., the industry alternative to traditional propellants has become HFC 152a.  This propellant is a particularly potent greenhouse gas, and when scaled to nationwide use over the next 30 years it will likely result in the equivalent of releasing 5 megatons of CO2 into the atmosphere.  We would be better off simply using CO2 as a propellant.  


Please reconsider and fix this regulation as soon as possible.  It will be an easy fix with a huge effect.


Thanks for your consideration,


Jeffrey Beeman

(retired) scientist    


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Date and Time Comment Was Submitted 2022-06-16 12:09:02

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