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Comment 437 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameWilliam
Last NameFloyd
SubjectPlease reject Alt 3 in favor of Alt 1.

In all honesty I didn't write any of this, I submitted my own comment and then started to read through others. But I read through this one that made me so irritated because I had thought that it was a great climate plan until this enlightened me. So I agree with everythint this comment from James Wang said: 

Thank you for recognizing the dire state of our climate crisis

and including apparent urgency with your sections in your report

boldly entitled Imperative to Act and

Consequences to Further Warming.



Unfortunately, your choice of Alt 3 as the Proposed Scenario is

disappointing at best. Even your report ranks Alt 3 as

"mid low" in its climate mitigation (Table 2-1). We have delayed

and procrastinated on climate action for so long that a "mid low"

proposition is NOT adequate.



Alt 3 does next to nothing about reducing fossil fuel

consumption until 2035, and then it expects a rapid "catchup" to

cut to zero consumption by 2045. This is a good example of

"kicking the can down the road" so it's someone else's

problem. We not only have to be more responsible,

we must be much, much, more




Alt 1 is your most ambitious proposal, but since we are out of

time, even Alt 1 is barely adequate. But you rejected Alt 1 because

of its "high cost". What's the cost of delaying action? We've

already delayed action so long that we have not just a climate

problem, but a climate crisis.



Furthermore, most of the high cost of Alt 1 is increasing the

urban forest. The urban forest has many co-benefits which were not

deducted from Alt 1's "high cost". Similarly, Alt 1's rapid rollout

of building electrification also brings many co-benefits (health,

safety, cost) which are not taken into account.



By using Alt 3 to further delay meaningful action, we will be

accentuating our climate costs.



Please reject Alt 3 in favor of Alt




Thank you

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