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Comment 457 for Draft 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameBen
Last NameHelvensteijn
SubjectCombatting AGW

To whom it may concern (everybody):

When, make that IF, we care to tackle AGW (anthropogenic global warming) start by looking into that first letter, the anthropogenic reference.

Reasons: 1) The current global warming fiasco is well documented to have a human cause; 2) There has not been any recent major asteroid- or comet impact to Earth, nor 3) A substantive recent change in solar output, nor 4) Any major release of greenhouse gases from within the Earth's globe or 5) Major greenhouse gas releases from the oceans (though one should expect such some time sooner or later).

The mere fact that GW is anthropogenic, making it AGW, implies that: The more people there are roaming around the planet, the more the Earth's climatic future will get disturbed by us humans. In fact that is so self-evident that it's a no-brainer, which makes it the more baffling the press isn't on this 24-7. The 'everyday-life' equivalent is: 'If you want no crime remove the perpetrator(s)'.

In short: What needs to be addressed in any plan for successfully combatting AGW, climate change if you will, is to downsize people's family size, expectations for large families, etc., etc, etc. Relief from the Anthropogenic onslaught of the planet can only reasonably be expected from a downsized human procreation. The goal should be that any person will at most be a parent of one child. Summarizing that in a 'One and done' slogan would clarify the point to anyone.

The clincher lies in World (and local) Economy, which thus far has relied strongly on the 'there are no bounds' credo. Well, there are numerous economists, and other intelligent people, so, somewhere and somehow among them the economic and political problem must be solvable.

Mind you, if we humans refuse to solve this one major problem, that by the way we humans have caused and are exponentially aggravating, 'we' are doomed, with the rest of the living natural world. Most likely I myself will escape the main environmental disasters, as they will likely occur after I've been moved into an urn, yet I see (¡) no reason (!) not to draw the straightforward, simple and basic conclusion I have laid out here. Bring the folks with (¡) real (!) insights together and have them figure this out . . sooner rather than later.


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Date and Time Comment Was Submitted 2022-06-22 12:45:25

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