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Comment 461 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameAmy
Last NameVasquez
SubjectScoping plan

Hello, my name is Amy, I am a resident of Colton, California, and I’m speaking on the CARB SCOPING PLAN.


This Scoping Plan is important to me and my community because our family members are navigating through life with severe cases of asthma and alergies. My 67 year old mother has suffered with asthma all of her life, along with my brother, two sisters, and now my 2 year old and 6 year old nephews. 


I live in Colton part of the Inland Empire, and the air quality affects me and my family in these ways, bad air quality, extreme heat, Industry is invading our neighborhood's right next door to homes and schools. My nephews spend many of their days takong puffs from their inhalers or hooked up to their asthma treatment machines because they are having a hard time breathing. The issue has gotten so severe that we visit the local urgent care so often that they already know when my sister steps in with my nephews that they are having issues with their breathing. CARB needs to create more ambitious plans to stop the environmental injustices ongoing in our state and prevent the worst impacts of climate catastrophe

In our rapidly deteriorating climate, CARB wants to keep using fossil fuels, which harms the lungs and health of my family and my overall community.

Every part of the state’s fossil fuel chain disproportionately affects the health and well-being of working class people of color in California especially those of us living in the Inland Empire.

We need CARB to create the road to zero emissions for the health of both our people and our planet.


In the CARB Scoping Plan, I am asking the Board to make a plan for a full phaseout of fossil fuels by 2045. We must end oil extraction by 2035, phase out oil refining by 2045, phase out gas fired power plants by 2035, eliminate gas appliances by 2030, and decommission the gas distribution system by 2045. More clean cars, trucks, and mass transit for working class Californians. Transition to 100% zero-emission vehicles by 2035 and lower the amount of vehicle miles traveled by 30% by 2035. A transition to clean, renewable, zero-emissions electricity by 2035 with retirement of all gas plants and no new gas plants.

Minimize reliance on carbon capture and storage and other climate dead ends. 


Again, this is  extremely important because our climate and communities can’t wait any longer. It’s inexcusable that CARB is catering to the fossil fuel industry while sacrificing communities! 

Solutions for a renewable future are here! We need to invest in these alternatives before spending any money on other harmful fuels or unproven technologies! 

Frontline, EJ communities have a right to clean air and healthy lungs. Please make the health of our communities your top priority by making these changes to the Scoping Plan.

The decisions that the California Air Resources Board makes now will determine whether we have a safe and healthy future for all Californians.

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Date and Time Comment Was Submitted 2022-06-22 13:42:03

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