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Comment 470 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NamePaul
Last NameGernetzke
Subject2022 Scoping Plan

Hello, my name is Paul and I live in Redlands, where warehouses are encroaching on living spaces, and the air quality here is among the worst in the United States. As someone who grew up with debilitating asthma, I live in constant fear that my 18 month old son will have to experience the same things that I did. I fear that I will have to take my son to the Emergency Room when he's gasping for air and struggling to get oxygen into his lungs, the way that my parents did when I was a small child in the 1980's. That was 40 years ago. The air quality here is simply not good enough, and we are not doing nearly enough to improve it. Why are we continuing to do this?

I am asking the board to make a plan for:

A full phaseout of fossil fuels by 2045. We must end oil extraction by 2035, phase out oil refining by 2045, phase out gas fired power plants by 2035, eliminate gas appliances by 2030, and decommission the gas distribution system by 2045. More clean cars, trucks, and mass transit for working class Californians. Transition to 100% zero-emission vehicles by 2035 and lower the amount of vehicle miles traveled by 30% by 2035. A transition to clean, renewable, zero-emissions electricity by 2035 with retirement of all gas plants and no new gas plants. Minimize reliance on carbon capture and storage and other climate dead ends.

This is so important. We have to prioritize the health of our community, and especially our children. We cannot keep subjecting our communities and our climate to these inexcusably poor health conditions, especially when we have the renewable energy solutions we need. Our children deserve clean air now.

Thank you.

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