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Comment 491 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameKristina
Last NameHaedrich
AffiliationClimate Change Scoping Plan 2022
SubjectClimate Change Scoping Plan

Unfortunate Climate changes are being brought on largely by human treatments of, and relationships to, Planet Earth and all its forms of life which are being drastically affected by human overuses and abuses!!!!

Humans must join forces to create relationships with all forms of Being on Planet Earth, relationships that honor and support the Earth's Being, to replace relationships that are undermining and/or destroying those forms of Being and in the process, unbalancing other forms of life and Being on the Earth, so that they will also gradually suffer and be undermined and likely destroyed.

Humans are intelligent learners and users and survivors and and and, BUT, if Human activities on Earth continue destroying the only home we have, we are not using our intelligences and learnings and knowings effectively, which will ultimately result in the destruction of ourselves along with the destructions of Earth and her nurturings of us.

I am in hopes we are learning, and will continue to learn from our mistakes and distructions and underminings of the Earth's efforts to survive, and to successfully remain the home of all its forms of life!!!

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Date and Time Comment Was Submitted 2022-06-22 16:45:15

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