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Comment 514 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameDaniel
Last NameFuchs
SubjectDraft 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan

The use of hydrogen in our fight against climate change can be beneficial but the hydrogen must be sourced from renewable energy sources. Relying on natural gas to produce hydrogen will only prolong our reliance on fossil fuels and encourage gas companies to build infrastructure and continue drilling for oil. Furthermore, while in theory CCS technology may help to capture >90% of the CO2 emissions, studies ( have shown that the average efficiency on active CCS facilities hovers just below 80%.  

Some questions to consider:

How are the CCS facilities going to be powered? By a power grid laden with fossil fuels?

Are you factoring in the transportation of the natural gas to the reforming/CCS facility and what GHG emissions might arise from the associated truck driving?

Thanks for your time.

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Date and Time Comment Was Submitted 2022-06-22 22:08:26

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