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Comment 527 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameLaura
Last NameHaider
AffiliationFresnans Against Fracking
Subjectphase out oil & fossil gas

Oil and gas extraction is linked to increases in over 20 diseases including Covid, dementia,, valley fever, and in hurricanes, kidney disease which would use up money that CA needs to give more incentives for rooftop solar and EVs for the low income.  We need electric transportation for all. Electric vehicle batteries are good storage for excess solar electric.

Natural gas infrastructure is too leaky. The Blade Energy Partners Report on the root causes of the Aliso Canyon disaster found that, “the Aliso Canyon storage wells had numerous casing leaks.” 40% of the gas storage wells they reviewed had casing failures (an average of two per well). The problem iwith natural gas is that it needs the 2 old leaky natural gas storage facilities.  Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Facility is on an earthquake fault and could produce an explosion 8 times worse than in 2015-2016. (from Food & Water Watch)

In CA, there is a large number of home gas meters that leak methane from the pipe before the meter. Old cities had higher rates of methane leakage. Researchers from the Laboratory of Climate & Environmental Sciences in France over 2 years 2019-2020 found more than 1,800 large bursts of methane worldwide including in the US , often releasing several tons of methane per hour, which accounted for 8 - 12% of global methane emissions from oil & gas infrastructure during that time. (from article in the Morning Edition, Feb 3, 2022: A Satellite Finds Massive Methane Leaks From Gas Pipelines.) However, infrastructure improvements, would become stranded assets, because to meet our goals, GHG emissions need to be down 40% by 2030. We need to set this goal. 

Require all electric appliances in new homes and commercial buildings and when replacements & renovations are needed. ,We need a tax on methane also.

Require or incentivize onsite green hydrogen from water electrolysis for commercial buildings and factories that could not electrify and geothermal heat.

Require all new tractors to be electric or hydrogen fuel cell.

Replace gas power plants with wind power & green hydrogen plants. Phase out oil refining.  No high carbon emiting Canadian Tar Sands oil nor almost equally high emiting Bakersfield CA oil, We need a tax on methane also..

Reduce NOx emissions from all sources including kitchen biowaste & animal agricultiure.

In addition, we need to store carbon in Organic gardens where people live, using incentives from 30 by 30. Caring for the gardens, could be jobs for some homeless. They should live there in tents instead of having to commute there every day to reduce vehicle miles travelled. 

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