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Comment 1 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameLisa
Last NameDanz
AffiliationCCL Silicon Valley East
SubjectSupport Alternative 1

Citizens' Climate Lobby Silicon Valley East Chapter supports strong, aggressive carbon emissions reduction targets.


The best alternative in the draft scoping plan, by far, is Alternative 1. We need to hit net zero as soon as possible. As such, the 2035 alternatives are preferred. We prefer Alternative 1 because it focuses on eliminating fossil fuel combustion quickly, does not rely on rapid development of CO2 removal technologies, and honors the input from the Environmental Justice Advisory Committee.


Here are our concerns with relying on CO2 removal:


1. Even if we could capture 100% of the carbon from a fossil fuel plant using scrubbers on the smokestacks, the other pollutants released by the plant would continue to cause harm to communities around the plant and perpetuate environmental injustice.


2. Given a net-neutrality target date that is quickly approaching, we cannot plan on non-existent/unproven technology to meet the target. This would be like going hiking in the desert without water and assuming we’ll run into an oasis. The plan should be made under the assumption that CCS/CDR will still be in its current undeveloped state in 2035/2045. If new CCS/CDR technology turns out to be fully scaled-up, then great! But we should not make a plan assuming that CCS/CDR will be ready in time.


3. CCS/CDR could become a distraction, diverting resources from other proven methods of reducing emissions (more public transit, more electrification, more solar and wind, sustainable agricultural practices, etc). We can avoid diverting too many resources away from emissions reduction by setting a maximum cap on how much to spend on CCS/CDR, for example, 5% of total climate action budget.


We do need to invest in CDR to address legacy emissions to address the fact that there is already too much CO2 in the atmosphere. However, this must not be construed as an alternative to emissions reduction. We need to stop emitting AND remove legacy carbon.


We have already wasted too much time in the race to solve the climate crisis. People have already lost their lives due to heat waves, wildfires, and extreme weather events. We see the beginnings of climate-driven geopolitical instability. These impacts will only get worse the longer it takes to reach global carbon neutrality.


Many states and countries acknowledge California's leadership role and will replicate the path that California takes. California should take the most aggressive path as a demonstration case. Decarbonizing sooner will pick up the slack for others who are behind and don't have the resources or interest. Every tenth of a degree matters.


Please support Alternative 1.

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