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Comment 186 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameHari
Last NameLamba
AffiliationBrighter Climate Futures
SubjectZero Fossil Fuel Emissions by 2045

Dear CARB,

Your Draft Scoping Plan 2022 does not address the need for quantitative reductions in Greenhouse Gas emissions from fossil fuels by 2045. This the surest way to guarantee that California will meet its goals - other methods like natural working lands and even Carbon Capture and Storage will not get us to zero emissions with a high degree of reliability:

Here is what I propose:

As per California Goals Greenhouse Gas emissions need to be down 40% by 2030 and 100% down by 2045. From the current emissions of about 400 MMTCO2e (million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent) we need to be at ZERO MMTCO2e by 2045.


To meet these goals the approach should be simple (current percent % greenhouse gas emissions appear within parentheses for all sectors):


1.     Electrical Energy (11% in state, and 8% imported – to 0.0 % by 2045): Replace all large natural gas power plants with solar or wind plus battery – use smaller natural gas power plants for base load. As electrification of all sectors proceeds, pursue the same strategy for all added electric energy, eventually replacing the small natural gas power plants with green hydrogen power plants.

2.     Transportation: (37% down to 0.0% by 2045): Begin to replace all gasoline and diesel vehicles with EVs and fuel cell vehicles – devote all resources to establishing infrastructure for Solar charged EVs and Hydrogen produced from solar, wind or geothermal. Starting from about 31 million fossil fuel vehicles today - begin replacing fossil fuel vehicles at the rate of 1.35 million vehicles per year so all such vehicles are off the road by 2045. Maximize innovative transit operating on solar energy.

3.     Industry (21% down to 0.0 by 2045): Electrify all energy uses and what cannot be electrified, power that with green hydrogen produced mainly by solar.

4.     Agriculture (8% down to 0.0 by 2045): Electrify all diesel tractors and harvesting machines and incentivize developing fuel cell tractors. 

5.     Commercial & Residential (9% down to 0 by 2045): All new homes and buildings to be 100% electric with rooftop solar and then each year retrofit all structures to replace all natural gas uses with electric and pure green hydrogen – produced onsite.

6.     Green Hydrogen: Do the R&D and establish solar (plus wind and geothermal) energy based water electrolysis so as to produce green hydrogen for all sectors of the economy at a lower cost. Only such hydrogen should be encouraged and it should not be blended with natural gas.

7.     Other GHG emissions: Curtail methane emissions from all sources – fossil fuels, animal agriculture, kitchen bio-waste, off road engines and other sources. Curtail nitrous oxide emissions from all sources – fossil fuels, nitrogen fertilizer, off road engines and other sources.

If you can schedule me, I can present to you a quantitative, actionable and time bound plan of how to do this. Thanks!


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Date and Time Comment Was Submitted 2022-06-18 21:51:59

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