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Comment 47 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

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Ladies & Gentlemen of CARB:

Let me begin by saying I am proud to be a resident of the state that is the vanguard of those seeking a serious, meaningful approach to tackling the climate crisis that looms so large in the present and in our collective future. California's 100% clean energy mandate is wildly & wonderfully ambitious and gives me hope for the future. The challenge it presents is "How do we get there?"

It has come to my attention that there have been alarms of discontent about dark money funding public research that, in turn, sways policy decisions. I am reminded of the fact that the biggest polluters--among them the fossil fuel industries that have embraced the position of denial & deception for decades, causing repeated and irretrievable delays in public policy & action--now profess to be "all in" to address "reasonable" solutions. Makes us wonder what took them so long!

But there's more to the "all in" and the "reasonable" than meets the eye. The term Green Washing comes to mind, which emerges as (forgive the pun) a shell game. You know who the culprits are:  they're also the forces that kept anything very meaningful from emerging from the COP 26 in Glasgow.

While the use of dark money to shape policy continues.

Clearly, as the shapers of public policy, you must keep your eyes open. I urge you to do the difficult work of due diligence:  follow the money.

Thank you for your work and your attention.

With hope for the future which rests in your hands,
Greg Bell

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