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Comment 74 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameRonald
Last NameMartin
AffiliationFresnans against Fracking
SubjectWe are ready to make sacrifices to save earth's life-support systems

The Scoping Plan is far too timid in addressing the climate crisis. Full carbon neutrality by 2030 is itself too timid given the delay in reacting to what we have known about the dangers of changing earth’s climate.

America made sacrifices to defeat Nazi Germany’s plan to rule the world, and won. The threat facing us is far more serious than Nazi world domination. In order to address it, sacrifices will need to be made. I believe that Californians and then the people of the world are willing to make sacrifices to save our planet. (This seems not to be true of the oil businesses. Keep in mind that our nation was designed for majority rule, not corporate rule.)

The transition away from fossil fuels likely will not be smooth, or barely noticed, or calling for few sacrifices. CARB and the rest of our government should stop pretending that this is possible. We, the people, are ready to make changes and thus make sacrifices to preserve live-support of our planet.

It seems that CARB is being careful to balance the needs of our future generations for life support and the present generation’s need for clean air and water and thus limiting millions of untimely deaths with the income of fossil-fuel corporations and the small percentage of Californians who are their employees. Simply to state this “balancing” of interests is to show its ridiculousness.

have already given up owning a car, and I do not run my heater and air conditioner, showing that a good life is possible without buying and burning gasoline and using mass quantities of petroleum-generated electricity.

Now, in the last few decades, there are too many of us, burning way too much fossil fuel. This should stop immediately.

In fact, burning fossil fuel will stop, in a couple of decades when oil and gas run out. But if we delay the transition until then, our earth will have little capacity left to grow food, and tropical diseases will have spread all over. 

Corporations have seldom hesitated to throw thousands of people out of work to make more profit as they use a new technology or a new labor pool, saying simply, “That’s progress. (Get over it.)” Is there some reason why you, our government, would hesitate to put in place policies that will involve changes is the jobs we do?

Step up! Do your job! Show leadership! Get a spine!

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