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Comment 234 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameBarbara
Last NameWasserman
SubjectAmazon Crude

Please commit California to a policy/regulatory agenda that ensures that California refineries are not sourcing crude from regions where there are Indigenous rights violations or from regions where new oil drilling in the Amazon is being planned.  And, present a plan for California to reduce and/or eliminate its consumption of crude from the Amazon.

Any climate change plans going forward should restrict fossil fuel expansion – domestically and globally. Require refineries to put Indigenous rights screens in place and mechanisms to ensure that oil will not be sourced from new drilling in the Amazon.

Too much of the rainforest has been destroyed by human greed and waste please don't destroy anymore.

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Date and Time Comment Was Submitted 2022-06-20 10:04:51

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