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Comment 89 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameMelissa
Last NameTraugh
AffiliationCentral Valley Business Federation
SubjectCentra Valley Business Federation Comments

Thank you for the opportunity to comment. My name is Melissa Traugh and I am here today representing the Central Valley Business Federation or BizFed, a grassroots alliance of over 75 businesses and organizations, representing 30,000 diverse employers and over 400,000 employees in the Central Valley.


At BizFed we believe a thriving economy will help solve many of our area's entrenched challenges, and we want to express our concern today for the proposed policies that will increase already rising costs for gas, food and things we need every single day!

In the coming months, you will consider the scenarios and included rules that will limit consumer choice by banning the purchase of traditional cars. By CARB’s own admission the 2035 ban does not reflect a market feasibility study, which really means it will further hurt families and businesses to make ends meet. 

These regulations will hurt the families and businesses we represent right in the pocketbook. We will lose 85,000 jobs that put food on the table every day. 

Employment and jobs will be affected and economic output will be stifled when so many are already struggling financially. The real life impacts on everyday people will be detrimental, especially to the people in the Central Valley employed by the energy and agriculture industries.  

Furthermore, the CARB analysis shows that this regulation will have nearly $90 billion in negative impacts on everything from personal incomes to the care and repair of road infrastructure.

We ask that you consider these everyday people and urge you to balance our climate goals with the continually-growing cost of living nightmare families and businesses are fighting everyday.


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