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Comment 158 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameJessie
Last NameParks

Hello, my name is Jessie Parks, and I am a third-year environmental policy student at the University of California Riverside; I am coming here today from the inland empire an industrial complex, this scoping plan is blatant disregard for the lives of marginalized bipoc folk. As a student whose region takes the medal for the worst air quality in the nation, notably due to diesel-powered transportation, TRUs, dirty power plants, dirty buildings and mass environmental racism. We should be tired of a profit-focused industry with drayage trucks invading our community and leaving us with unlivable wages, broken roads, and deadly respiratory illnesses. Our community folk are dying and your ability to change the legislation that directly affects our community is more important than ever! Why back down because industry is here and worried that they are on the losing side, don't you want to be the victours?! CARB needs to create more ambitious plans to stop the environmental injustices ongoing in our state and prevent the worst impacts of climate catastrophe.

I am desperately demanding that we accelerate and scale-up investments in clean cars, and trucks for working-class Californians. Air pollution from gas-fired power plants is toxic, and affects disadvantaged communities more than anyone else in the state. A 100% clean transportation system and energy system by 2035 is a must, because the industry is already demolishing the environmental justice communities of the inland empire as they contaminate our air and water and strip us of our community resources. Frontline, EJ communities have a right to clean air and healthy lungs. Please make the health of our communities your top priority by making these changes to the Scoping Plan.



Please act urgently 

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