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Comment 278 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameLiz
Last NameAmsden
SubjectDraft 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan


This MUST be improved or it will be a matter of too little too late.

We will face increasingly devastating wildfires and subsequent mudslides as global warming continues.

The survival of humanity is in question and the quality of life for future generations.

According to the IPCC’s special report on 1.5°C, we have just ten years to halve emissions in order to stave off the worst effects of the climate crisis and this does not have the scope and power to get us there.

Some suggestions in no particular order:

·         * Immediately end financing for expansion of fossil fuels and deforestation

·         * No permits for exploration, expansions

·         * Bonds that will cover worst case scenarios MUST beposted prior to ANY work to cover emergency response, medical care as long as needed, remediation of the land and water

·         * Create ways to keep it in the ground

·         * REDUCE the extraction, transportation, refining and use of ALL fossil fuels.

·        * Back off on ANY further drilling permits and stop ALL welfare (subsidies, tax breaks, deductions, waiving fees, non-enforcement of appropriate penalties, etc.) to every element of the fossil fuel industries - exploration, excavation/drilling, transportation, refining, sale, storage and use!

·        * AND make sure executives DO NOT take losses out from customers.

·        * DEMAND transparency of all chemicals used in every operation: the fracking cocktails and other so-called proprietary industry secrets should not be allowed to be hidden behind the corporate veil.  And if someone dies, it's murder, not an accident

·        * ABSOLUTELY no pardons or restitution for colluding parties such as real estate developers and state, county or city officials; INCREASE charges and fines to send a strong, clear message to ensure every entity involved in similar operations immediately clean up their act

·        * BAN greenwashing and severely fine companies that do for fraud

·        * MOVE AWAY from carbon capture technology which in its very nature implies CONTINUED oil and gas extraction and use – despite a great deal of investment because oil companies think it would allow them to continue exploiting fossil fuels ad infinitum – so far it doesn’t work or is ineffective to scale up or is not cost effective

·        * MOVE ON to the tried and true – reforestation and

·        * STOP with the Cap-and-trade AKA pay-to-pollute approach which too often off-shores American pollution but pollution anywhere is what is killing the world

·         * BAN biogas from factory farms is a blight and these "farms" should be shut down immediately to reduce methane emissions and allow a return to healthier forms of agriculture around the world

·        * ENACT a ban on fracking and all new fossil fuel infrastructure

·        * ALL government entities must immediately DIVEST from fossil fuel stocks – this is a no-brainer as – even though prices are up due to shortages and corporate buybacks, values have tumbled dramatically in the past decade and there is no evidence there will be any significant recovery

·        * WITHDRAW ALL forms of 'corporate welfare' at the state level and consider ways to offset federal subsidies

·        * DRIVE investment dollars to renewable energy

·        * ENACT laws and regulations so that the principals of these companies can NO LONGER fold them and walk away leaving federal, state and local governments to pick up the costs of water, air and a land laid waste

·        * DEMAND RECOMPENSE NOW FOR low-income and communities of color which have suffered their own public health crises as a result of living, working, and playing near harmful fossil fuel extraction sites and other sources of pollution

·        * BAN outright contributions by and lobbyists from fossil fuel companies and all related enterprises

·        * BAN ANY COMPANY from doing business in California that involves itself in manipulating any government or contributes to deaths of humans and animals directly (explosions due to safety violations) or indirectly (Deepwater Horizon spill)

·        * ADVOCATE for a swift transition from carbon fuels to green energy

·        * IMMEDIATELY SHUT DOWN ALL oil and gas operations within 2,500' of homes, offices, schools, farms, hospitals, businesses, senior housing, etc.

·        * REMOVE subsurface oil and gas lease profiteering from the equation – an issue because people have bought and sold these rights based on prior assumptions – however, the world and our view of man’s footprint on our planet has changed significantly since the oil company cover-ups were revealed

·        * STOP THE LIES – at a petroleum conference from 1959 called the "Energy and Man" symposium, held at New York’s Columbia University, Edward Teller, who contributed to the hydrogen bomb, warned industry executives about global warming saying: “Whenever you burn conventional fuel, you create carbon dioxide. … Its presence in the atmosphere causes a greenhouse effect …(if the world kept using fossil fuels, the ice caps would begin to melt, raising sea levels until) all the coastal cities would be covered"

·        * PROTECT the innocent: greater air pollution is a known predictor of more COVID-19 cases and poorer results

·        * in the short term, ALL regulations curtailing pollution in the excavation, transportation, refining and use of fossil fuels MUST be reinstated and strengthened

·        * GIVEN companies prefer to show profits rather than spend any money on safety, MANDATE the SHUTDOWN of all of a company’s operations after ANY spill until everything inspected.

·        * REFUSE to allow ANY transit or processing of tar sands oil

·        * SUBSIDIZE homeowners conversion to electric heating and cooking

·        * GIVEN companies tend to avoid retooling until the last possible moment, give them to next year to offer only electric appliances

·        * IMPOSE HUGE tariffs on ALL oil imports to stop the demand that is driving abusive extraction in the Amazon

·        * IMPOSE EVEN STIFFER PENALTIES on ANY company whether based in California or elsewhere to try and circumvent these policies

·        * DITTO on ANY company that works with governments where there are indigenous abuse whether directly or indirectly related to their work

·        * WORK with businesses to convert refineries, storage facilities, service stations and other ancillary businesses to green energy and other low-carbon, high-tech purposes

I am very disappointed that the Draft Scoping Plan as presented fails to meet the urgency of the climate crisis and the desperate need for bold actions. CARB must double down and come up with a more ambitious Scoping Plan that leads to an accelerated pathway to carbon neutrality so that the state’s 40 million residents and future generations of Californians can live in and thrive in a cleaner and healthier environment.

Don't let anyone whine about their losses - they've been living on corporate welfare for generations.  Do we still subsidize buggy whip manufacturers?

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Date and Time Comment Was Submitted 2022-06-24 14:21:24

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