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Comment 557 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameTom
Last NameKabat
SubjectWhy to Focus the Scoping Plan on Emissions Reductions

Dear CARB Board Members,

We need a more aggressive emission reduction plan that will signal California's willingness to follow its own science based targets for GHG emission reductions.  

Background:  The science is in and the IPCC recenttly also noted that the existing fleet of fossil fired machines (including furnaces, water heaters and light duty vehicles) has normal rest of its planned life emissions that consume all carbon budget below 2 degree C rise limit.    

This is sobering.  

Let it sink in.   Let it guide our policy making for delivering a least cost, most livable future to those who depend on or present actions and upon our willingness to take some responsibility and to shoulder some part of the cost of making a livable future.  

It means that to hold to the 2 degree rise, we need to no longer install replacement fossil fired devices.  

So that means we need CARB's help to rapidly take them off the shelves so they are no longer the default item for replacing their older bretherin devices as they burn out.  

CARB can act to immediatly normalize the transition to a livable all electric future for buildings and ground transportation.  

My four decades of practice in the nexus of building science and as a long term electric grid planner have helped me see the usefulness of favoring the most efficient and well behaved of the electrficiation appliance choices in order to reduce grid stress as we rapidly electrify.   

My years of local policy development show me the value to acting at every level we can reach, and I see that CARB has several levers within its reach.  Please use this opportunity to inspire staff to redevelop the scoping plan to its full potentioal as a plan to immediatly pivot away from fossil fuels in buildings and vehicles and to embrace full speed efficient electrification with no more installation of fossil devices as the new normal.  

Since it is our generation's responsibility to immediatly make this full pivot toward no longer installing the wrong things, I want to express my thanks to you for applying the courage needed for this change.

Best wishes for bold steps toward a better future.


Tom Kabat

Energy Engineer,  

Menlo Park, CA

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Date and Time Comment Was Submitted 2022-06-24 14:44:20

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