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Comment 610 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameMichelle
Last NameParamo
SubjectCARB Scoping Plan Recommendations

Hello my name is Michelle Paramo, I am a resident of Oxnard and I am a young adult leader with the non-profit CAUSE and I’m speaking on the CARB scoping plan. I traveled 400 miles from my EJ community of Oxnard (attended the CARB meeting in-person with a group of 15 from CAUSE but were not called on to comment in time)
to speak at this meeting because under staff’s proposal, we would keep all existing gas generators online and add 10 GW by 2045. More than 160 polluting gas plans are in EJ communities like Oxnard which is a majority of all of California’s polluting gas plants. We need CARB to create the road to zero emissions for the health of both our people and our planet. The reason why I care about this issue so much is because my community of Oxnard is being negatively affected because it is surrounded by fossil fuel plants and a port that continually leeches heavy levels of diesel exhaust into our air. In the CARB scoping plan I am asking the Board to make a plan for a full phaseout of fossil fuels by 2045. We must end oil extraction by 2035, phase out oil refining by 2045 and decommission the gas distribution system by 2045. Again, this is extremely important because Frontline, EJ communities like Oxnard have a right to clean air and healthy lungs. Please make the health of our communities your top priority by making these changes to the Scoping Plan.

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