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Comment 666 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameBret
Last NameAndrews
SubjectPhysician for more Aggressive Climate Action in the Climate Change Scoping Plan

I am a neurologist from Richmond/ Oakland.

The climate crisis is a public health crisis fueled by our use of fossil fuels. The crisis is now getting ever more severe in the form of PM2.5 and other pollution exposures from fossil fuel emissions and increasing wildfire exposures that will only get worse with increasing temperatures from rising greenhouse gases. As documented, this disproportionately affects frontline communities.

(1. California Legislative Analyst Report April 2022 Climate Change Impacts Across California- Heath describes these health harms in detail) (2. CARB Inhalable Particulate Matter and Health– suggest estimates in the 5,400 deaths annually based on ambient air quality)


These are desperate times that require very aggressive measures 

to avert an even more severe health crisis which will test the very fabric of human survival with increasing population displacement, water and resource depletion and political instability. California is looked on as a leader in the US and world and we need to take the bold action to protect health here and humanity more broadly.

CARB’s purpose is to protect public health – but this Scoping Plan fails to do so. It falls way short of even meeting modest goals for zero emissions for medium and heavy vehicle emissions by 2045 outlined by Governor Newsome and fails to enact the necessary emissions reductions overall required to avert an increasing climate health crisis.

A Few Examples:

  1. No new infrastructure for fossil fuels should occur rather than increases as proposed

  2. Aggressive and real reductions in emissions must occur rather than hoping that uncertain solutions like carbon capture will offset persistent emissions. 

  3. California needs to phase out all oil and gas extraction and petroleum refining faster than recommended in this proposal.

The health harms of extraction are excessive and disproportionately affect frontline communities. As a neurologist, I experience the consequences of excessive exposures on people of color and social disadvantaged near our local refineries in West Contra Costa County – increased Stroke/ Cardiopulmonary disease, increased asthma in our children and increased incidence of dementia and parkinson’s disease to name a few. 

We need to start first with frontline communities/ sacrifice zones: 

  1. Communities near refineries like West Contra Costa County need to be aggressively protected from emissions 

  2. Imperial, Kern, San Bernardino, Orange and Los Angeles counties scored an "F" on the American Lung Association's report card for air quality.

  3.  A minimum setback of 3,200-foot that encompasses both new and existing oil and gas sites will bring frontline communities one step closer to environmental justice. 


Please take the bold steps necessary to help us turn away from an increasingly grim future by moving more aggressively to meet our climate goals and protect everyone including our frontline communities.


Thank you,

Bret Andrews, DO

Neurologist, Richmond/Oakland



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