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Comment 672 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameDave
Last NameShukla
Subject2022 CARB Scoping Plan

Hello, my name is Dave Shukla, and these comments are verbatim what I wrote down whilst attending the CARB meeting yesterday (6/23/22), elaborating on verbal public comment made via Zoom after traveling back home to Long Beach.

For the past 25 years, since I was 17 years old in 1997 when my parents bought their first and only home, I have been the ratepayer on record at 6333 E. Eliot St. 

This is located directly across the street from the Alamitos Generating Station at 690 N. Studebaker Rd., rebranded as the "Alamitos Energy Center" by the Applied Energy Systems Corporation of Alexandria, Virgina. 

This a natural gas peaker literally in my backyard, so the 2022 CARB scoping plan affects me and my family quite directly.

The plan, which proposes increasingly this form of dirty, polluting, leaking, gas-fired generation by 10 Gigawatts for energy inputs, and reliance on disproven and highly energy and resource intensive CCS / CCUS technology is entirely the wrong direction for the State of California.

CARB should be aware that this facility, whose primary public good and argument for continued reinvestment is "reliability", was a net exporter out of the State of California on August 15th, 2020, when California was 6 minutes away from grid-failure, per the CAISO root cause analysis on that near-miss carried out in 2021, and AES supplied data on its coastal water quality impacts.  

Two months later, the overcharging of the long-distance high-powered transmission lines from this facility, along with its role in offshore oil drilling operations, was directly connected to the Silverado Fire, which displaced 100,000 people.

Does CARB have reliable data on the fugitive dust, escaped emissions, rate of methane leakage, etc. from the 2017-2021 period of "repowering" of this facility?  Let alone the full-cost accounting of induced climate effects, such as wildfires? 

If so, please share this critical environmental health and safety data that the City of Long Beach and the County of Los Angeles have been unable to secure for their residents, including those like my family who have fenceline concerns.

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