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Comment 332 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameTaryn
Last NameObaid
AffiliationProtect Wild Petaluma
SubjectPesticides must be included in Climate Plan

Dear Board:

Protect Wild Petaluma works to protect the most sensistive and Climate-valuable natural resources of our city, Petaluma, California. Our high-value natural systems such as Wetlands-River-Forest habitat areas must be protected and preserved as complete "natural systems." Their function benefits are greater than the sum of their parts, including water, soil, animals, foliage, and fungi.

It is critcal that synthetic persticides be included in our Climate Change Scoping Plan. Pesticides are a majorly significant peice of our Climate -- namely, air and water cleaning and cooling via carbon sequestration.

Synthetic pesticide usage in our Petaluma Watershed (we are a valley) flow distances by water, air, and soil, and cause damage to the natural system that critically is our very best (and free!) defense against Climate Change. 

Please address the complete Climate Change picture by including pesticide usage in the Plan.

Thank you very much,

Protect Wild Petaluma

Petaluma, CA 94952

Original File Name
Date and Time Comment Was Submitted 2022-12-15 11:18:02

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