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Comment 352 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameKathleen
Last NameKilpatrick
SubjectScoping pan leaves rural communities under-represented

Special thanks to EJAC for raising the scope and value of NWL in the revised plan. Overall, however, the current plan still does not adequately address needs of rural agricultural communities. Ag in this context encompasses crop lands, animal production, grasslands and forests, tribal lands and fisheries, and the wetlands and waterways essential to their maintenance. Ongoing involvement by a permanent EJAC are essential to maintain progress in these areas, where workers and residents are disproportionately low income and people of color. Both existing and proposed fossil fuel and waste storage projects or often cited in or near these communities, with associated risks of pollution and environmental harm.

California must neither replicate nor perpetuate the global pattern that allows the lowest contributors to climate change to bear the brunt of its effects. Due to costs and reduced information and access, electric conversions will be difficult for rural communities who already lack access to public transit and to housing prepared for climate extremes. Our communities also share the need for neighborhood tree cover and greening, workforce training, and liveable wages for a just transition.

More rapid pesticide reduction and conversion to organic has co-benefits of reduction of pollution and health risks and increased natural carbon capture. Beyond these goals, we need an overall transformation of our food system to restore biodiversity and promote decentralization. These changes must occur at multiple levels, from how our food is grown and distributed to the microbial composition of our soils. We can reduce fossil fuel use and improve soil sequestration by this transformation. Growing and eating healthy, local food goes hand in hand with a healthy climate.

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