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Comment 5 for Draft 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - .

First NameLee
Last NameMcKusick
SubjectComment: The ARB scoping plan needs... reduce ghg and maintain human health and happiness

Unite behind the ARB and encourage them to get going on reducing greenhouse gases.

COP26 was a disappointment. I am sending five ideas to the ARB. I would say all we need at this time is 5 trillion dollars per year for ten years. We have a pretty good bunch of people at the ARB. Lets encourage them.

"Scoping plan" means reduce greenhouse gases immediately and taking care of human needs as we reduce vehicle miles and electric utility kwh.  And yeah... take care of people.

Here is my blog that has some of the ideas being sent to the ARB Scoping comment.





Title: The ARB Scoping Plan Needs
An All Out Effort to reduce the
emission of greenhouse gases and
maintain human health and
Comment by Lee McKusick on Draft Scoping Plan May 16, 2022
Addressed to the California Air Resources Board
Thank you California Air Resources Board.
About the author. About 45 years ago I wrote a study of the Los Angeles
Public Bus System titled “Busbook I” From 2008 to 2017 I continued my
study of the bus system at the blog
Starting in 2017 I write a blog with the current entry as follows.
Scoping Plan Comment by Lee McKusick
I remember peering inside an air pollution monitoring station about 1954 that
was located in a public park near the Pasadena City Hall. I remember the
back yard incinerator that became unused about 1955. I remember being
puzzled when second grade classmates told me a joke “You see L A when the
smog lifts.”


So I say Thank You to the California Air Resource Board for 68 years of
clean air work.
The global atmospheric fossil fuel CO2 concentration, as of May 2022,
exceeds 417 parts per million. Eleven billion tons of CO2 has been added to
the world’s atmosphere per year over the last eleven years.i
The scale of the institutional response needs to aim for a reduction in
emissions that is a proper fraction, such as 1/3 or 1/5 or 1/10 per year.
Dramatic change in the task a government institution undertakes, such as a
three or five fold increase in the tons of fossil fuel CO2 not emitted means
new problems, new process bottlenecks and a great need to build
understanding and rapport with elected representatives.
The 2022 Scoping Plan needs the Air Resources Board to draft a joint
declaration of urgency with other state agencies. ii
The 2022 Scoping Plan should make contact with social groups such as The
Climate Mobilization at . The global
warming gas problem is much bigger than the staff of the Scoping Plan. The
Scoping Plan staff should establish communication with social groups
because global warming response is a human consent activity.
We Need the Scoping Plan to implement easy and popular resource reduction
schemes. I remember the electric car income capped rebates offered in about
2018. The scheme did not work for me. Here is a retreaded scheme called
“Save the American public school system with electric cars and free solar
charging array in the school parking lot.”iii
We need some of the scoping plan schemes to be easy to copy and duplicate
in other countries. In particular, China and Russia are two countries that need
successful GHG reduction schemes. This means involve anthropologists,
economists and students of the cultures to make the scoping plan easy to


We need the scoping plan schemes to focus on supporting individuals,
families and community cultures. The GHG reductions contemplated mean a
substantial reduction of vehicle miles and a substantial reduction in public
utility kilowatt hours. These are drastic social changes. Support means food,
income, shelter, meaningful work, artistic and athletic activity.
The Scoping Plan needs to implement multiple feedback paths of measuring
greenhouse gases. We need to collect satellite ghg data together with existing
California instrumentation network to produce daily greenhouse gas emission
and movement. Bring the efforts at GHG reduction under cybernetic
The Scoping Plan needs a specific purpose financial instrument of exchange.
Most of the fossil fuel burned in the air was paid for with some kind of
money. Gasoline we might say is never ‘free’. An example of a financial
instrument of exchange is the NEFFC which is a form of money exchanged
for not emitting fossil fuel CO2. v


i See: Gasoline CO2 in the Air Blog entry by Lee McKusick
ii An existential interpretation of our situation. The global blanket of carbon dioxide surrounding the earth is now the
antagonist and we all are now the protagonist.
iii How to not emit... "free electric cars and free commuter rides"
iv More detail on using Norbert Weiner’s ideas about command and control in the animal and machine. How do we get the
fastest possible CO2 reductions?
v Get paid for Not Emitting Fossil Fuel Co2. $3.93 per Kg.


Original File NameScopingPlanNeedstofocusonhumanneeds_5-16-2022.pdf
Date and Time Comment Was Submitted 2022-05-16 22:11:22

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