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Comment 364 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameS
Last NameBalakrishna
SubjectPollution fee rather than a VLF

It's time California got serious about tackling gas guzzlers. Although mileage has improved, the boom in SUV use is a serious slide backwards. We need a progressive Vehicle License Fee (VLF) that is based on mileage instead of car valuation. My proposal is to make it revenue neutral - so we tax the guzzlers while giving discounts for efficient vehicles.


I would suggest 40 miles per gallon as the benchmark at which the VLF stays roughly where it is today. Any consumer vehicle (car or SUV) that gets less than 40 mpg pays a tax that increases non-linearly, such that there would be substantial penalties for a 20 mpg vehicle. (For example, a vehicle getting 20 mpg should pay an annual VLF that is 5 times that of a vehicle that gives 40 mpg). On the other side, the VLF should diminish to zero for a vehicle that gives 60 mpg. A similar proposal also for electric cars. I am already seeing wasteful trends in EVs where greenwashing is rampant with e-guzzlers like the Porsche Taycan or Audi e-tron. I propose again here a benchmark of 125 MPGe.  The VLF should increase punishingly as the MPGe goes down.


The VLF formulae should be adjusted annually to account for technology improvements. Anyone is free to buy the car of their choice, but they must pay for the consequences of their pollution. The VLF could be renamed as a pollution license fee. Good policy will help nudge both consumers and industry to effectively respond to the climate crisis. We need to move past slogans and do something tangible.

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