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Comment 79 for 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan (scopingplan2022) - Non-Reg.

First NameCully
Last NameCullison
SubjectClimate Solutions

Please.  We are on a highway of world destruction if we keep trying to pretend that there is no global warming.  Spend the money on a future...NOT DEATH.  We keep trying to pretend that we have time to fix this.  We DON 'T !!!! We are avoiding the bad news that we will have to CHANGE our lifestyle to avert this already man made disaster.  We are a bunch of spoild silver spooned crybabies who do not have the GUTS to say and do what is neccessary to avert this beautiful planet from shrugging us off like the paracites we are.  Our morals and our fortitude are in the toilet.  We let filth corporations (who hid this calamity to make their vulture money) lead us around by the nose.  SACRAFICES WILL BE MADE.  Wether we change or not.  The choice is, do you want to exist or not.  

Honestly ...with the actions of our orange right wing shame...we don't deserve another chance.  The disgusting shame of these less than human sheep have set us back.  They waste our time with ignorance and lies.  In WWII we destroyed the German right wing disease.  We need to do the same now so we can get on with possibly saving this world.  They have branded us as the enemy.  How many times do we have to hear that they feel violence is needed to "take back their country."  I am sick of them making US a victim.  It is time to make these spoiled brats grow up and smell reality.  Jimmy Carter knew way back then and we are still to dumb and spoiled to heed the warnings.  The orange filth is killing US in more ways than one.  They give 'Soylent Green' a bad name.

Let's get bold and call these fascist out for their lies and hate.  I am ready to live a different life for the sake of our planet.  It will be "different" wether we act or not.  A GUN will not do crap to fix this.  It will be the last resort of a species much like the Dodo and Cromagnin Man. Don't let these twerps stop Us from being responsible stewerds to our planet.  Their rape of our world must stop.  It is old world thinking and we need to make a new world....with-out their phycosis.

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