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Comment 8 for Comments for the LCFS Method 2A2B applications (lcfs2a2bcomments-ws) - 2nd Workshop.

First Name: Fabricio
Last Name: Pinto
Email Address:
Affiliation: FIA/USP

Subject: Molasses Pathway - About the fermentation efficiency
About the fermentation efficiency.

Dear Sirs,

Analyzing the pathway that results in 14,67 g CO2e / MJ ethanol CI 
and comparing with the Brazilian Ethanol pathway of 73.40 g CO2e /
MJ ethanol CI, we conclude that itís better to produce ethanol with
the reuse of the byproduct molasses instead of use the new
technologies of greenfields using the state of the art to produce
only ethanol, which is much more sustainable. We know that the new
mills has lower GHG emissions (we can show it in details).

We would like to question if it was considered the technological
advance of the fermentation process at molasses pathway.
Information pointed by the Professor Dr. Silvio Andrietta of
Biocontal ( indicates that the efficiency of
sugarcane juice fermentation is much higher than the molasses

So, this pathway recommendation seems like an inversion of
criteria. Can you , please, answer this question?


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Date and Time Comment Was Submitted: 2014-01-08 12:37:08

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