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Comment 14 for Comments for the LCFS Method 2A2B applications (lcfs2a2bcomments-ws) - 3rd Workshop.

First Name: Daniel
Last Name: Schultz
Email Address:

Subject: LCFS Fuel Pathway Application
I am totally against the continued efforts to use the world's FOOD
attempt to solve problems which seem to deliberately be ignored
such as the addition of transportation pipelines for fuels from
Canada to the US.
The damage done to both our food source production and that being
done to our car's engines by alcohol addition is inexcusable and I
as a retired engineer am astounded.
What will our Grandchildren think when we have destroyed our food
sources INSTEAD of utilizing the underground fuel sources which
certainly in the next decade or so be replaced by other fuel
sources and if not, carbon fuels will still be plentiful on our
continent without disrupting our food sources both on the land and
the seas.


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Date and Time Comment Was Submitted: 2014-01-30 15:12:17

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