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Comment 3 for Comments for the LCFS Method 2A2B applications (lcfs2a2bcomments-ws) - 2nd Workshop.

First Name: Rafael
Last Name: Souza
Email Address:

Subject: Raízen Molasse Ethanol
Raízen COPI's flow diagram shown in Third Party Engineering Review
document shows molasse AND clarified juice as feedstock for its
ethanol, but they reached CI 14.67 saying that they just use
I would like to know if now they are using just molasse to produce
ethanol or if they will sell with this CI just the ethanol ratio
produced by molasse, ignoring juice production for LCFS.

Thank you in advance for clarifying.
Rafael Souza. 


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Date and Time Comment Was Submitted: 2014-01-02 13:14:38

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