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Comment 2 for Public Comments for LCFS pathway applications (tier2lcfspathways-ws) - 1st Workshop.

First Name: Timo
Last Name: Haatainen
Email Address:

Subject: Rendering energy consumption & RD yield
Tier II calculator seems to allocate rendering energy consumption
on BiOil tab in cell DS247. 

(DS247 in Tier II)

(DS247 in Tier I)
=3944, when tallow RD is chosen on the Tier I Calculator tab 

To use the same calculation method as in Tier I tool it would seem
appropriate that the Tier I rendering energy consumption would be
inserted in this cell instead of B41.

Furthermore to align the calculation methodology with the Tier I
tool it seems  that the RD yield should also be considered in cell
D52 on the BioOil tab. B52 = lb RD/lb tallow (or 1/D40) 


Original File Name:

Date and Time Comment Was Submitted: 2017-03-20 14:15:11

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