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Comment 103 for Public Comments for LCFS pathway applications (tier2lcfspathways-ws) - 2nd Workshop.

First Name: Joshua
Last Name: Kehoe
Email Address:
Affiliation: Private Individual

Subject: Application No B0251
Dear CARB Personnel:

I appreciate the opportunity to provide public comment on the
various pathways proposed by DGD. I looked forward to reading the
Lifecycle Analysis Report. It was a very quick read, as reading
large sections of blacked out "CBI" doesn't take a lot of time or
effort. While I understand DGD's desire to not release certain
data, they even blacked out the "simplified process" diagram as
well as pretty much anything that is interesting. For instance,
what rough percentage of finished product will be transported to
California by ocean-going tanker versus by rail? Which mode of
transport results in a higher CI score for any given feedstock? It
appears the listed CI score they calculate will default to the
highest of the calculated CI scores for any given feedstock, but it
would be interesting to see just how much a real-world difference
it makes. Oh well, more curiosity on my part than anything
earth-shattering. I again appreciate the opportunity to leave

Josh Kehoe


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Date and Time Comment Was Submitted: 2022-03-15 15:14:06

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