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newsclips -- CARB Newsclips for February 16, 2017.

Posted: 16 Feb 2017 14:56:06
CARB Newsclips for February 16, 2017. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). The California Air Resources
Board staff has posted a report on credit transfer activity for
the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). This includes recent credit
volumes transferred, credit prices and trends through January
2017. Monthly:


March 23 and 24, 2017 - Public Meeting Location Change for the
Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Strategy.  NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING
November 28, 2016, the Air Resources Board (ARB or Board)
announced the availability of a revised Proposed Short-Lived
Climate Pollutant Reduction Strategy (SLCP Strategy) and a
revised Draft Environmental Analysis (Revised Draft EA) for
public comment as well as a public Board Meeting on the SLCP
Strategy and Revised Draft EA .  The hearing was originally
scheduled to be heard at the South Coast Air Quality Management
District Auditorium, 21865 Copley Drive, Diamond Bar,

Public Board Meeting:

PLEASE BE ADVISED that the location of the public meeting has
changed as follows:

The Board will hold a public meeting at the time and place noted
below to consider approving the SLCP Strategy.

   DATE:	March 23 and 24, 2017
   TIME:	9:00 a.m. 

   LOCATION:	County of Riverside
                		County Administrative Center  
                First Floor Board Chambers
                4080 Lemon Street
                Riverside, California  92501

   WEBCAST:	http://video.calepa.ca.gov/

This item will be considered at a two day meeting of the Board,
which will commence at 9:00 a.m., March 23, 2017 and may continue
at 8:30 a.m., on March 24, 2017.  This item may not be considered
until March 24, 2017.  Please consult the agenda for the meeting,
which will be available at least 10 days before March 23, 2017,
to determine the day on which this item will be considered.


Associated Oregon Industries says cap-and-trade report too light
on detail. A day after environmentalists celebrated its positive
analysis; a state study analyzing cap-and-trade drew fire from a
leading Oregon business group. The Oregon Department of
Environment Quality's greenhouse gas emissions report "offers
very little detail,” Associated Oregon Industries said in a
statement Wednesday.




Smoke and mirrors: Beijing battles to control smog message. In
its 'war' on hazardous air pollution, China's government has a
dilemma: it needs to be open about air quality data to hold
polluters to account, but worries that too much bad news from
alternative, independent sources could stoke public unrest.
Beijing has greatly improved how it collects data, made more of
it available to the public and cracked down on misreporting…

Greenpeace Links Beijing’s Air Pollution Surge to Steel
Factories. Despite promises to cut steel overcapacity, China
actually brought more steel production online last year,
resulting in a surge in air pollution in northern China,
especially around Beijing, according to a report released this
week by Greenpeace East Asia. The growth in operating capacity
was more than twice the total steelmaking capacity of Britain,
the report said.

How can the UK reduce air pollution? Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) comes
from sources including factories and vehicles, particularly
diesel engines, and is linked to an increased risk of respiratory
problems. Why was the UK given a warning? Under EU law, when air
pollution limits are breached member states must implement air
quality plans to bring the levels back down.

Millions of premature births could be linked to air pollution,
study finds. Premature births across 183 countries may be
associated with fine particulate matter, a common air pollutant,
with Africa and Asia especially affected. Air pollution could be
a contributing factor in millions of premature births around the
world each year, a new report has found. Nearly 15 million babies
are born annually before reaching 37 weeks gestation.

'You can taste it in the air': your stories of life in polluted
cities. Readers shared their experiences of living in cities
affected by air pollution – from the curse of the ‘Delhi chest’
in India’s capital to celebrating blue sky in Shanghai. “The air
pollution problem in Poland is beyond any western standards.
Despite poor conditions, Poland has done nothing to reduce used
car imports, promote renewable energy…

Where the wind blows: how China's dirty air becomes Hong Kong's
problem. Last month there were 300,000 doctor’s visits in Hong
Kong linked to smog – much of which wafts over from mainland
China. But in a busy town obsessed with money, will it take a
direct economic hit to wake people to the danger? t the age of
three, Margaux Giraudon developed something akin to a smoker’s


Scientists have just detected a major change to the Earth’s
oceans linked to a warming climate. A large research synthesis,
published in one of the world’s most influential scientific
journals, has detected a decline in the amount of dissolved
oxygen in oceans around the world — a long-predicted result of
climate change that could have severe consequences for marine
organisms if it continues.

George Washington would recognize today’s Mount Vernon garden,
but not the weather. Many aspects of George Washington’s Mount
Vernon estate in the 21st century would be familiar to its
creator, who was born 285 years ago Wednesday.
The mansion, for years painted bright white, is now daubed in the
subdued greenish-beige hue that the first president would have

Disappearing Seagrass Protects Against Pathogens, Even Climate
Change, Scientists Find. Every continent save Antarctica is
ringed by vast stretches of seagrass, underwater prairies that
together cover an area roughly equal to California. Seagrass
meadows, among the most endangered ecosystems on Earth, play an
outsize role in the health of the oceans. They shelter important
fish species, filter pollutants from seawater, and lock up huge
amounts of atmosphere-warming carbon.

Worst erosion in 150 years tears 180 feet from SF's Ocean Beach.
Scientists: El Niño hit West Coast with highest wave energies
ever recorded. Erosion damaged miles of beaches along the West
Coast more severely than ever during the powerful El Niño event
that hit the Pacific a year ago, and scientists warn that even
heavier erosion could hit shorelines in coming years as sea
levels rise and threaten coastal communities.

HP Pledges 25% Emissions Reduction by 2025. HP has set a target
to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its global operations by
25 percent by 2025, compared to 2015. The IT giant says it will
reduce its climate impacts through a three-phase approach: first,
optimizing energy efficiency in its operations and buildings. The
other two phases focus on shifting toward less GHG-intensive
energy sources…

Antarctic sea ice shrinks to smallest ever extent. Data
contradicts climate change sceptics, who have pointed to earlier
increases in areas of sea ice to support their views. Sea ice
around Antarctica has shrunk to the smallest annual extent on
record after years of resisting a trend of manmade global
warming, preliminary US satellite data has shown. Ice floating
around the frozen continent usually melts to its…

'Draconian' Trump gag on scientists could affect legislation,
experts warn. ‘Oppressive’ approach to federal agency
communications could result in misinformation on climate change,
former presidential science advisers said. Two former US science
advisers have warned against restrictions on scientists’ freedom
to speak out on contentious issues like climate change…

World's oceans losing oxygen, threatening marine life: study.
Oceanic oxygen could decrease by 7 per cent by 2100. The oxygen
content in the world's oceans has decreased by more than two per
cent in the last 50 years and could decrease by seven per cent by
2100, a new study shows. The study, conducted out of the GEOMAR
Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Keil, Germany, is being
called the the first in-depth study of global ocean oxygen
content, examining how global warming is impacting oceanic oxygen
and why it is a concern.


San Diego boosts charging stations for electric vehicles. It’s
getting increasingly easier to find a place to recharge an
electric vehicle in this county, with hundreds of sites where
people can power up their cars and trucks. Officials announced
Wednesday that the city of San Diego, for its part, has now built
68 charging ports at 15 locations — including nine spots that
were established since 2014 thanks to a $500,000 grant from the
California Energy Commission.


Solar topped new energy production in 2016. New solar
installations in the U.S. almost doubled last year, becoming the
top new energy source in the country for the first time. The U.S.
added about 14,600 megawatts of capacity in new solar energy
installations in 2016, about twice as much as the previous year,
according to GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries

Wind growth stays strong despite cooling demand in China. Global
wind energy capacity maintained its 15-year growth trajectory in
2016, with 54,600 megawatts of new electricity generation coming
online in more than three dozen countries. But a softening of
China's wind power market resulted in a 14 percent decline in
year-over-year capacity additions from 2015, when new wind farms
added 63,600 MW to the global grid.


EPA staff told to prepare for Trump executive orders: sources.
Staff at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have been told
that President Donald Trump is preparing a handful of executive
orders to reshape the agency, to be signed once a new
administrator is confirmed, two sources who attended the meeting
told Reuters on Wednesday. A senior EPA official who had been
briefed by members of the Trump administration mentioned the
executive orders…

Trump signs law rolling back disclosure rule for energy and
mining companies. President Trump signed a measure Tuesday that
could presage the most aggressive assault on government
regulations since President Reagan. The bill cancels out a
Securities and Exchange Commission regulation that would have
required oil and gas and mining companies to disclose in detail
the payments…
Climate News&utm_term=.4050e9bf1db0  

The countdown is on. Pruitt to make a 'negative' entrance. Scott
Pruitt could be on the ground at U.S. EPA as early as tomorrow,
with the Senate set to confirm his nomination as the agency's
administrator tomorrow afternoon. The Republican Oklahoma
attorney general, who has challenged numerous EPA regulations in
court, is expected to work quickly toward reversing major rules
established by the Obama administration.


Why a low-carbon fuel standard is good for transportation and
California. The op-ed “Markets point to leaning more on cap and
trade” (Viewpoints, Feb. 1) mischaracterized the aim and
effectiveness of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard program.
The conclusions should be scrapped, not the fuel standard. Since
2011, California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard has exceeded its
policy targets.

San Diego County offers tips to help clear the air of pollution. 
We can’t live without it. It literally surrounds us. But we can’t
see it and most of us never think about it. It’s our air. We all
share it and we all need to protect it, because pollution – from
chemical vapors to tiny particles of matter – can make people
sick and hurt the environment.

The Guardian view on pollution: a new Clean Air Act is overdue.
No one can escape filth in the atmosphere. Even conservatives
must see that it blights all our lives and requires a collective
political remedy. A problem that cannot be seen is one that
politicians will generally choose to ignore. That natural human
tendency is dangerously short-sighted.

Based On A Theory About Global Warming, Republicans Are Risking
Their Majority. If the Republican Party has an economic policy
“brand,” it’s historically been one defined by tax cuts.  At
least in modern times.  Thanks to Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, and
modern thinkers like Steve Forbes and Larry Kudlow, the
Republican Party is known for its focus on reducing penalties
placed on work and investment. 


Hyundai IONIQ Electric Becomes ACEEE’s Greenest Vehicle In U.S.
The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)
presents an annual Greenest list, along with an award for the
Greenest vehicle. The Hyundai Ioniq Electric not only took home
the award this year, but it is also the best scoring vehicle in
the history of the ACEEE list.

California is in a drought emergency.
Visit www.SaveOurH2O.org for water conservation tips.

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