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Posted: 24 Feb 2017 17:02:39
Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) staff have posted updated
draft 15-day changes to the ARB small off-road engine (SORE)
evaporative emissions regulation amendments presented to the
Board in November 2016. The draft documents are available at

ARB will hold a public workshop to discuss the draft 15-day
changes to the ARB SORE evaporative emissions regulation
amendments presented to the Board in November 2016. The draft
15-day changes will clarify certification and compliance
requirements, provide testing and certification flexibility for
manufacturers, and ensure compliance of all SORE with the
evaporative emission standards. The workshop will consist of a
presentation by staff lasting approximately 30 minutes, followed
by a question and answer session.

Background:  SORE are spark-ignited engines rated at 19 kilowatts
or less.  They are used in applications such as lawn and garden,
industrial, construction and mining, logging, airport ground
support, commercial utility equipment, farm equipment, golf
carts, and specialty vehicles.  Amendments to the SORE
evaporative emissions regulations were presented to the Board in
November 2016 to address the high non-compliance rate observed in
ARB and industry validation testing from model years 2008 through
2015, update the certification test fuel to match that sold in
California gasoline stations, and enable manufacturers to obtain
ARB and U.S. EPA certification for fuel tanks based on a common
set of test results.  The Board approved the amendments and
directed staff to make 15-day changes in response to industry

Participants are encouraged to attend in person.  The workshop
will be webcast to accommodate those who are unable to attend in
person.  The webcast will be available at: 
http://www.aqmd.gov/home/library/webcasts.  The workshop agenda
and an electronic copy of the staff presentation will be posted
by February 28 on ARBís website at: 

Please note that under the California Public Records Act
(Government Code section 6250 et seq.), your written and verbal
comments, attachments, and associated contact information (e.g.,
your address, phone, email, etc.) become part of the public
record and can be released to the public upon request.

If you require a special accommodation or need this document in
an alternate format (i.e. Braille, large print) or another
language, please contact Francesca Favila at (916) 327-4722 or
francesca.favila@arb.ca.gov as soon as possible, but no later
than 10 business days before the scheduled event/meeting.
TTY/TDD/Speech to Speech users may dial 711 for the California
Relay Service.

If you cannot attend the workshops, and have technical comments
or questions regarding the content that will be discussed, please
contact Angus MacPherson at (916) 445-4686 or via email at
angus.macpherson@arb.ca.gov or Christopher Dilbeck at (916)
319-0106 or via email at christopher.dilbeck@arb.ca.gov.

California is in a drought emergency.
Visit www.SaveOurH2O.org for water conservation tips.

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