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newsclips -- CARB Newsclips for March 7, 2017

Posted: 07 Mar 2017 14:40:37
This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.

CARB: Electric Trucks to Replace Diesel Freight Vehicles
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has announced that the
state of California, the San Bernardino Council of Governments
(SBCOG), and partners Daylight Transport and BYD will gather
together this Friday, March 10, to celebrate the arrival of the
first of 27 next-generation, zero-emission electric yard and
service trucks.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB or Board) has released
the Revised Proposed 2016 State Strategy for the State
Implementation Plan (State SIP Strategy). The State SIP Strategy
describes CARB’s proposed measures and commitment to achieve the
mobile source and consumer products reductions needed to meet
federal air quality standards over the next 15 years.  The Board
will consider adoption of the State SIP Strategy, along with the
Final Environmental Analysis (EA) and Response to Comments on the
Draft EA, at its March 23-24, 2017 hearing.  

The Revised Proposed 2016 State SIP Strategy is available at: 
https://www.arb.ca.gov/planning/sip/2016sip/2016sip.htm .


Cities and data: China’s weapons in the battle for clean air
Birds fly in and out of the eight-storey "Green Office Building"
in Shenzhen, China, because a third of its walls are completely
open to the air. It's a clever natural design that enables the
building to stay cool without air conditioners. Across town, in a
vast campus known as the "Low Carbon Park", mist is sprayed into
the air to cool the streets down and remove dust.


A Threat by Any Other Name
Climate change is political. Should planners talk about something
In the past 50 years, the average temperature in the Great Plains
has jumped 1.5 degrees. It’s enough to influence the natural
world, and humans along with it: The pollen season for ragweed
has expanded by as many as 16 days since the mid-1990s…


Climate change impact on Australia may be irreversible,
five-yearly report says
An independent review of the state of Australia’s environment has
found the impacts of climate change are increasing and some of
the changes could be irreversible.

Trump set to roll back federal fuel-economy requirements 
The Trump administration is moving to roll back federal
fuel-economy requirements that would have forced automakers to
increase significantly the efficiency of new cars and trucks, a
key part of former President Barack Obama's strategy to combat


Linking cap-and-trade markets across the Pacific
China, the world’s leader in greenhouse gas emissions, is moving
ahead with its plan to implement a national emissions trading (or
cap-and-trade) system. Meanwhile in Canada, Quebec emitters can
already trade with those in California, and Ontario is set to
link with these markets in 2018.


Which states follow California's emission and zero-emission
vehicle rules?
California leads the nation in policies that promote reductions
of carbon emissions from road vehicles. It is unique in having a
federal waiver that allows it to set its own, stricter emissions
standards, along with a zero-emission vehicle mandate that
requires automakers reaching certain sales volumes to sell a
certain number of cars without tailpipes.

Ex-Tesla Manager Seeks $4 Billion for Europe's Biggest Battery
A former Tesla executive is trying to raise at least $4 billion
to build Europe's biggest battery factory in Sweden to meet an
expected surge in demand as the region's automakers switch to
electric vehicles.


What Cities Stand to Gain From Volkswagen’s Multibillion-Dollar
Cities may be able to tap into a new multibillion-dollar fund to
accelerate their shared mobility and clean transit programs — but
to do it will require a little hotwiring.
As part of Volkswagen’s settlement with federal regulators over
its diesel emissions scandal, the company has agreed to funnel
billions of dollars to states over the next 10 years to promote
the adoption of zero-emission electric vehicles (EV) and charging

Stay calm but Volkswagen brand is struggling to find its way:
Volkswagen is struggling to plot a course for the future as the
German carmaker battles an emissions scandal and attempts to hold
off European competition, the company's CEO told CNBC on Monday.

Volkswagen’s Emissions Fraud May Affect Mortality Rate in Europe
From 2008 to 2015, Volkswagen sold 11 million diesel cars
worldwide rigged with software that cheated emissions tests by
running the full emissions-control system only if the car sensed
a test was underway.

The "Queen of Green" shares explosive knowledge about Merkel
Mary Nichols was the driving force in uncovering the VW diesel
scandal. Now the California environmental leader testifies. Mary
Nichols hasn’t forgotten the meeting with Angela Merkel. In the
spring of 2010, the German Chancellor traveled to California at
the invitation of then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and met for
breakfast in Los Angeles. The discussion was intended to deal
with climate change and regulation, according to the director of
the California environmental authority CARB. This was a topic in
which the Europeans at that time seemed somewhat ahead of the
curve. However, the two mighty women did not quite find common
(In German)

Green Enlightenment
She is considered the "Queen of Green", her agency’s staff
revealed the diesel scandal. Now the American Mary Nichols brings
the enlightenment to Germany.
It was supposed to be a casual get-together for scrambled eggs,
bagels, and coffee hosted by then-California Governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles. But the hosts
learned that Angela Merkel is not up for chatting, not even at
breakfast. “Before any other issues were discussed, she turned to
me and said, ‘Your standards are too strict,’” remembers Mary
Nichols, who has been running the California environmental agency
CARB for 10 years and was sitting at the table in April 2010. The
strict nitrogen oxide limits of the state, the chancellor
complained, prevented the German manufacturers from selling
diesel cars.
(In German)

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1 In 6 Scottish Renewable Energy Jobs At Risk
A new survey of the Scottish renewable energy sector has
highlighted fears that a sixth of the country’s workforce will
lose their jobs within the next 12 months, says Scottish
Renewables, the country’s renewable energy trade body.

Amazon Announces Solar Energy Project At Dozens Of Warehouses
Amazon on Thursday announced plans to install solar energy panels
on 50 of its warehouses around the world over the next four
years. The e-retail giant expects to complete installation of the
first 15 panel systems in the U.S. this year, which will generate
up to 41 megawatts of power. 

Amidst Rumors That Trump Will Revoke Clean Power Plan, GE
Launches Global Powering Efficiency Center
Just as news circulated this week that US President Donald Trump
is gearing up to quash the Clean Power Plan  and to resuscitate
the coal mining industry, General Electric launched a global
Powering Efficiency Center of Excellence (COE) …

EU approves Czech plan to subsidize efficient electricity
The European Union's executive commission says it has approved a
Czech subsidy plan worth 420 million euros ($444 million) for
electricity generated through more efficient power plants.


Lin-Manuel Miranda releases climate change-themed playlist 
Talk about a jack of all trades. Lin-Manuel Miranda is an actor,
singer, songwriter, and playwright, and now, the Hamilton scribe
can add environmental activist to the list. 


A Lesson Trump and the E.P.A. Should Heed
In March 1983, President Ronald Reagan asked me to return to
Washington to run the Environmental Protection Agency. I had been
the E.P.A.’s first administrator, from 1970 to 1973, and over the
agency’s first 10 years, it made enormous progress in bringing
the country’s worst pollution problems under control despite
resistance from polluting industries and their lobbyists. A
worried and outraged public had demanded action, and the
government responded.

Trump, The CPP, EPA, & Renewable Energy Jobs — What To Expect
This Week?
For many of us, the discontent that has been quietly growing
(quickly escalating?) over the future of America’s environmental,
climate, and energy policies was set to come to a head this...


Solar energy: Now is the time for India to catch the sun
The recent tenders for setting up and operating solar and wind
power generation farms show that the price of renewable power is
now approaching that from greenfield coal-based power plants in
India. It will not take too long for solar photovoltaics to
become the cheapest source of power.

Only Mass Mobilization Can Save the EPA
To defeat President Trump and the Republican Party's attack on
the environment, we must come together with fierce resistance,
deep organizing, and a bold vision.
It’s not yet halfway through Trump’s first 100 days in office and
his administration has already shown they’ll go to any length to
dismantle the laws and regulations that protect our air, water
and climate.

California Heads Down a Command-and-Control Blind Alley as Carbon
Pricing Falters
Although at the federal level the biggest barrier to
decarbonizing the economy is a lack of political will, in
California, public opinion seems more supportive. In a recent
poll, 69 percent of California voters backed policies to cut
emissions. Yet the state’s carbon policy is in

California is in a drought emergency.
Visit www.SaveOurH2O.org for water conservation tips.

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