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lclaction -- Welcome & Local Action Workshop Date Announced

Posted: 03 Jan 2008 13:46:36
Welcome to the Local Action Listserv.  This listserv was
established in October 2007 together with other listservs for
the CA Air Resource Boardís (CARB) Early Action Measures.

CARB's Local Action Strategy is threefold:
(1)	To develop voluntary guidance and protocols for local
governments to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions;
(2)	To develop voluntary guidance and protocols for small
businesses to reduce their GHG emissions; and
(3)	To develop recommended actions that individuals can take to
reduce their carbon footprint.

The purpose of this listserv is to provide information regarding
CARBís progress towards developing the Local Action Strategy. 
The CARB Board mandated that the Local Action Strategy be
presented to the Board in September 2008.  There is much work to
be accomplished between today and September 2008, and we at CARB
welcome your input.

The listserv will be used to:
(1)	Post notices of upcoming workshops (the first workshop will
be held February 4, 2008, in Sacramento, CA, in the Byron Sher
Auditorium; official notification to follow);
(2)	Share resources; and
(3)	Provide a systematic communication forum.

If you have resources that you would like to share with the
group, please email the corresponding information to:

Kyra Naumoff, Research Planning and Climate Outreach Section
Email:  knaumoff@arb.ca.gov

If you have questions or comments or would like to speak with
members of the Research Planning and Climate Outreach Staff
directly, please contact any one of the section members below:

Annalisa Schilla, Air Pollution Specialist, (916) 322-8514 or
Kyra Naumoff, Air Pollution Specialist, (916) 324-0664 or
Susan Fischer, Air Pollution Specialist, (916) 324-6027 or
Heather Choi, Air Pollution Specialist, (916) 322-3893 or
Annmarie Mora, Section Manager, (916) 323-1517 or

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