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newsclips -- CARB NEWSCLIPS FOR April 19, 2017.

Posted: 19 Apr 2017 16:49:31
CARB NEWSCLIPS FOR April 19, 2017. 
This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


The Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) will conduct a public
meeting at the time and place noted below to consider Truck Field
Enforcement Activities and New Screening Technology for High
Emitting Vehicles.

DATE:  	        April 27, 2017
TIME:  	        9:00 a.m.
LOCATION: 	California Environmental Protection Agency
          	Air Resources Board
         	Byron Sher Auditorium, 2nd Floor
          	1001 I Street
          	Sacramento, California 95814

WEBCAST: http://www.cal-span.org/              

Air Resources Board staff have posted a white paper on the health
benefits of physical activity and air pollution exposure while
walking and bicycling for transportation.  
Download the White Paper:

For more information, including the White Paper and other
resources, visit our Built Environment webpage:

A fact sheet summarizing this document can be found here:

On Monday, April 24th, the California Air Resources Board will
host a research seminar focusing on household transportation
choices and commitments of statewide greenhouse gas reductions
required by SB 375. Announcement available here:


Sweeping climate control plan adopted by Bay Area air board. A
blueprint for reducing greenhouse gases, smog and soot in the Bay
Area over the next three decades was adopted Wednesday by the
region’s air pollution board. Bay Area Air Quality Management
District leaders boasted the plan will make the region a national
leader in controlling pollution at a time when the Trump
Administration is backing away from federal actions to control
greenhouse gases.

Bay Area ranked among nation’s worst spots for air pollution.
Even as the nation makes strides cleaning up dirty air, many
parts of California, including the Bay Area, are struggling to
reduce air pollution in the face of climate change. The hordes of
fossil-fuel-burning cars and trucks that have become emblematic
of the Golden State are combining with overall hotter, dryer

Southern California’s smog clean-up future is far from clear.
Southern California has once again won the distinction of having
the worst summer smog in the nation but earned praised for its
long-term efforts to improve air quality. Such were results of
this year’s American Lung Association State of the Air report, a
national air pollution analysis.

Valley cities continue to dominate dirty-air report card.
California has made progress in cleaning up air pollution since
the first American Lung Association’s State of the Air report 18
years ago, but the state continues to have the most polluted
cities in the country. And the Valley continues to rank among the
most ozone and soot-filled areas. Now, climate change and threats
to the federal Clean Air Act…

California again leads list with 6 of the top 10 most polluted
U.S. cities. California's smoggy reputation appears to be
deserved: Six of the USA's 10 cities with the worst air pollution
are in the Golden State, according to a new report. Bakersfield,
Calif., again holds the dubious distinction of having the USA's
most days of highly polluted air, based on data from 2013-2015,
the American Lung Association’s annual “State of the Air”…

More Than 90 Percent of Californians Live With Unhealthy Air. The
American Lung Association says California cities continue to have
the most polluted air in the country. The annual State of the Air
report also finds wildfires and drought are contributing to an
increased number of days with air pollution from soot. The report
analyzes the most recent data available from air quality
monitors. http://www.capradio.org/93928 

EPA methane emission policy likely to cost less, miss 2025
targets, Stanford researchers find. Stanford research shows
plugging methane leaks will cost about a third less than the EPA
estimates, further underscoring the cost-effectiveness of
emissions mitigation – but the agency will also likely fall short
of its 2025 reduction targets. Regulations recently enacted by
the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce methane
emissions from oil…

Fewer Americans breathing unhealthy air — report. The number of
Americans exposed to unhealthy air has fallen steeply in recent
years, but short-term spikes in fine-particle pollution have
worsened in some areas and climate change could impede further
progress, the American Lung Association said in its latest annual
report card, released this morning.


Policy Advisers Urge Trump to Keep U.S. in Paris Accord.
President Trump’s most influential policy advisers are urging him
to keep the United States in the landmark Paris climate accord of
2015, a move that would break one of his signature campaign
promises and further downgrade the counsel of his senior
strategist, Stephen K. Bannon. Mr. Trump plans to make a final

San Francisco hits greenhouse gas reduction target 2 years early.
While federal officials may be signaling a reduced commitment to
reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the national level, San
Francisco has reached an ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse
gases locally two years ahead of schedule, city officials said
Tuesday. Recently compiled figures show the city's overall
greenhouse gas emissions had fallen to 28 percent below 1990
levels by 2015. http://www.sfgate.com/news/bayarea/article/ 

In new paper, scientists explain climate change using
before/after photographic evidence. A group of scientists offers
photographic proof of climate change using images of retreating
glaciers in a new paper, “Savor the Cryosphere,” appearing in GSA
Today, a peer-reviewed publication of the Geological Society of
America. Along with Gregory Baker, adjunct professor of geology
at the University of Kansas, co-authors include an Emmy


Toyota opens a portal to the future of zero emission trucking.
Picture the 710 Freeway heading south, bumper-to-bumper semis
hauling cargo to and from the bustling Ports of Los Angeles and
Long Beach. Now imagine those trucks are moving that cargo,
quietly, quickly and without producing any emissions. Toyota is
working to make this vision a reality. Today Toyota Motor North
America, Inc. (TMNA) revealed “Project Portal”…



Carbon Tax Next Target for California’s Disadvantaged
Communities. Advocates for California’s disadvantaged communities
are flexing their newly honed political muscle with a new goal in
mind: replacing the state’s landmark greenhouse gas trading
program with a carbon tax. It’s a call that puts environmental
justice advocates on a collision course with state regulators,
powerful industry groups…


Surprise us, Mr. President, and embrace the Paris climate
agreement. Donald Trump has been president for only three months
and already he’s given up or reversed course or been stymied on a
wide range of campaign promises. Given how awful some of those
ideas were — ending Obamacare, declaring China a currency
manipulator, ordering a blanket federal hiring freeze (done, but
since lifted)…

In defense of cap and trade. When it came to relocating their
U.S. headquarters, electric bus manufacturer Proterra followed
the market. In 2015, Proterra set up shop in Burlingame,
California in response to our state’s growing appetite for
electric vehicles. The company later opened a second facility in
City of Industry, bringing a total of 100 new jobs to California
with plans to nearly double that by the end of this year.

Is It O.K. to Tinker With the Environment to Fight Climate
Change? Scientists are investigating whether releasing tons of
particulates into the atmosphere might be good for the planet.
Not everyone thinks this is a good idea. For the past few years,
the Harvard professor David Keith has been sketching this vision:
Ten Gulfstream jets, outfitted with special engines that allow
them to fly safely around the stratosphere…

Why California Can Afford Green Energy More Than Your State.
California has been at the forefront of renewable energy
investment and climate change initiatives. And the former EPA
under the Obama administration routinely cited California as the
model for other states. Although I'm an east coaster by birth,
please note that I lived in San Diego for nearly a decade, and
have numerous publications…


Team develops new method to create the next fuel-efficient
renewable energy. Scientists have long struggled with generating
and storing hydrogen, the kind that might one day provide the
backbone for renewable energy fuel cells that make our cars move,
warm our houses and help produce food, in a way that also won't
hasten climate change or otherwise harm the environment.

Trump Shouldn’t Mess With The Clean Air Act, American Lung
Association Warns. Nearly 4 in 10 Americans live in areas with
dangerous levels of pollution, according to the ALA’s “State of
the Air” report. A new report from the American Lung Association
comes with a clear warning for the Trump administration and
Congress: Continue America’s fight against pollution or
jeopardize public health.

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